Does profiling lead to the detainment of more criminals before they commit a crime?

  • Potential for crime can be measured by statistical porobabilities.

    Police officers sometimes use profiling to spot criminals before they have any proof of wrongdoing. This may be ethically unjust, but is highly effective in catching criminals and preventing crimes. The reason this method works is statistical probability. People in high crime, lower income neighborhoods are more likely to commit crimes. People with prior criminal history are more likely to commit crimes again. As sad as I am to say it, profiling works.

  • Smart profiling can detain more criminals before a crime is committed.

    If one is objectively looking at profiles of criminals and making good inferences (age, gender, culture, etc) one can be successful in preventing crime. If one is profiling based on skin color, one will end up detaining the elderly and women who compose a tiny fraction of the population and not detaining young men of other colors who are likely to commit crimes. Gender is a factor in commission of crime, race is not. Age is a factor in commission of crime. These are the foundations on which profiling can be based.

  • Yes, it's helpful if not politically correct.

    As a female, I think it must be hard to be a minority male who gets stopped all the time for no good reason. It is politically incorrect and probably wrong to do this, and yet the problem is that in many places doing such profiling does lead to the detainment of criminals before they can do more harm.

  • No, I believe that profiling leads to the detainment of more innocent people.

    No, I believe that police profiling leads more to the arrests of innocent people. Profiling allows the police to just try and "detain" a whole bunch of people because of how they look and that is unfair to think someone does something because they look a certain way. The stop and searches in New York are a good example of this. People are getting stopped and searched based on profiling. It's unfair.

  • That's Not A Criminal

    A criminal isn't a criminal until they commit a crime, so you can't detain a criminal before they commit crime because then you are detaining an innocent person. I believe it is best to clear the mind of bias and judgment and remember that people are essentially a like. Automatically separating the self from the possibility of being the criminal is offenses in that it assumes that the question asker is clearly from a race that would not be profiled or at least they think they are. This question has serious flaws in it.

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