• Yes, Project Chanology operates entirely within the bounds of free speech.

    There have been no evidence proven to show that Project Chanology supports and endorses any type of violent or illegal behavior. Their main objective is to protest against the Church Of Scientology which they deem to be a morally corrupt organization that behaves in shady practices. They also want to have the IRS investigate them.

  • Its our right

    Yes, here in the United States we have the right to say what we want, and put anything that we want in the press, and that is all that this project does. They are not breaking any laws, and everything that they do is protected by the constitution we have.

  • yes they should

    Yes, project Chanology should be considered synonymous with the group Anonymous, because the group Anonymous is behind project Chanology. The Anonymous group participates in hacking activities intentionally, but they also go to great lengths to obscure their identities. This project would be a great success and a lot of people behind it.

  • Yes, they did.

    This was a good and needed movement and it was designed to expose the powerful cult known as the Church of Scientology. They operated well within the legal bounds of free speech and the constitution, and should be applauded for their work. Free speech is also protest against something, in case anyone forgot.

  • That An Open, Free Internet

    Project Chanology would not be possible without an open and free Internet but it is also guarded by free speech which allows people to speak out about things they do not believe in. The project has met criticism both from Scientology and even those who are opposed to Scientology because of their tactics.

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