• Public health care have more than successful in other countries

    Yes, I believe that public health care does work. Everyone should have the opportunity to receive health care to include preventive health care. I do not believe that the public health care found the United States is very good, but it is a way for a person that can not afford private health care to see a doctor and voice their heath concerns. Not to mention other countries, such as Canada, have been providing health care for citizens for a long period of time.

  • It's not perfect, but it's better than nothing

    Public health care has lots of flaws, but it is much better for people to have access to care than not. Public health can address some basic disease prevention issues that may reduce the spread of disease e.g. vaccinations and tests like rapid-strep so that contagious diseases are spotted and prevented. Without public health care, access to testing and treatment are limited and people don't seek treatment until they are desparately ill.

  • Yes it does.

    Of course public health care works. If you look at all of the other countries that have public health care, such as Canada, you will see how well it works. Their citizens are not crippled by health care bills and they have a strong economy and are much healthier then us.

  • Public health care is a proven program.

    Public health care does work, and it's been working for more than a century. The problem with it being inefficient is due to the amount of demand there is for public health care versus the amount of funding government is willing to give it. We need to get out of the mindset that public health care is bad and prioritize funding.

  • Public health works in many ways

    I think public health care works in many ways. Everyone will have health care, like in canada health care everyone is free. This would increase the country's spending but that can be recovered from taxes. With everyone having health care it would be benifited to hospital whose bills aren't taking care of which the government ends up paying in the end any ways.

  • Working systems for public healthcare exist.

    While the United states may be far away from a working public healthcare system, other countries such as Canada and France, have been using a public health system for years without serious financial strain on the government or it's taxpayers. The largest hurdle for making a public healthcare system a reality is likely lobbyists for the insurance company.

  • No, public health care does not work.

    No, public health care does not work. It has been shown in European countries that public health care doe snot work long term in countries that have immigration problems. With ore people using public health than there are paying into taxes, hospitals will go bankrupt and the system will fail.

  • First hand experiance

    I live in New Zealand where they have universal healthcare. It works well in many respects. They take care of you most of the time and its very fast if it is an emergency. If someone has something wrong with them that is not life threatening they are put on a very long list (several years minimum) eg for cataracts. It works well enough but not this perfect thing by any means.

    We pay higher taxes in NZ than in the USA as a result of it. I have a paper run and I pay 15% tax on all my income even though it's only a couple thousand each year, another example of taxes are sales tax of 15% while (I think) it is less than 10% in the USA.

    Our average income is much less than you guys too. In the United States it's $51,704 while NZ is $29,481, (GDP PPP each year). That means you guys earn 1.7 - 1.8 times as much as us (before factoring in our higher taxes). I'm not sure how much that has to do with a larger government but we used to be one of the richest countries in the world in the 1960's and we have fallen behind. It all depends what you mean by "Works" but there are definitely downsides to universal HC.

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