• Yes, a strong police presence can reduce crime.

    Some studies have shown that having more police present increases crime, but some say it reduces it. A study by Jonathan Klick showed that having a higher police presence can cause a major reduction in crime. That being said, it would be very costly to have a police presence on every block, so towns faced with crime could look into other means to deter it as well, such as surveillance cameras.

  • Police presence is a deterrent

    The term used is omni presence. If a would be crook has just seen a police vehicle cruise by; he or she will naturally think twice about committing a crime. You never know when that cruiser or another one might come back by. Also, a witness to an incident can be assured police are in the area and can respond quickly. As a retired cop I speak from experience and caught many a criminal by just being at the right place at the right time. Now with budget cuts and lay offs, I talk to people all the time who complain about slow response these days and some departments won't even respond to accidents without injuries anymore.

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