Does race matter, philosophy-wise? If so, why?

Asked by: Negotiate
  • Safety in numbers.

    People are drawn to those they perceive as similar. Not just in race but in manner of dress. The idea being that the more they look like you, the more likely you have things in common and the more likely they will be on your side should there be any threat.

  • Labels, such as race, are destructive.

    Call it your identity, who you are, if you will, but I hope you realize that while you're finding yourself- your wasting valuable time that could be spent helping each other find who we are- not through labels such as race, but rather through one, simple label. This label is the only label that is truly worth the time and energy: the label 'human.' We ALL have that label- while other labels such as race or even religion divide us, 'human' is the one label that we can all unify on. It is because of this that I believe that our true, golden philosophy and principle of life is "to be human, together."

  • Race doesn't matter

    When people are identified by race rather than their personality, it divides people in that society. The only race people should recognize is the human race. To act as if you are more similar to an Irish man than an Italian man because you have Irish ancestors is a form of isolationism. For those who would like to see examples of groups who identify more by the color of their skin and ancestry rather than their personality, look no further to the Ku Klux Klan, Black Lives Matter, and the Nazi Party. All of these groups have a history of using violent force towards others simply because of race and religion. If societies didn't act like race was so important, then people would not judge others for their skin color, and instead for their personality.

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