• Its sad really

    It is very sad even I know its real my dad was shot by a white man 300 yrs ago but he was not shot he was whipped and use to pick cotton its sad that slavery only ended 150 yrs ago you all should be ashamed and god was black

  • Itstill happends il

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  • Racial profiling is always happening.

    Most people don't like the cops, and the cops are one of the most people to be suspected of racial profiling. As in the case of the African American kid walking in the rich houses, he got shot for looking suspicious. And he actually lived in that area with his parents.

  • Disproportionate Number of Blacks, Hispanics Pulled Over

    A disproportionate number of blacks and Hispanics are pulled over for traffic stops. Statistics from NYC's "stop and frisk" law show this to be true. Arizona's tough immigration law was also about racial profiling as anyone who looks like an immigrant could have his or her credentials checked against their immigration status. Racial profiling is everywhere, unfortunately. But sometimes, races who live in more poverty than others turn to crime to absolve their situations.

  • Racial profiling is a human epidemic

    Racial profiling exists and has always existed and will always continue to exist. We look at each other and judge one another over any reason that we can. Add to that the difference in skin color and profiling will always exist. if we could set aside that instinct to judge, the world would be a better place.

  • No, it's exaggerated

    Racial profiling has been exaggerated. A lot of people who fall into the "minority" category in fact deserved to be stopped. Also, the racial profiling campaign has in fact hindered efforts to combat crime. A white man who goes out alone and is known to be a drug user or dealer is just as likely to get pounced on.

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