• If you look around America is built on Racism

    Im early america people around the country own slaves. Racism was a cause of Slavery. People never understood how much it effects you. People went to war over this, this was the most gruesome battle in America history, after the North won amd slaves were free. The southern states pass laws limit anything dealing Black people. It was so bad the soldiers from the north had to come to the south just to see what was going on to black people. Back in the 20th century that was when black heroes like Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X, and The Freedom Riders, all fought for everyone not just the black community. Some were for the Native Americans and Asians and Muslims. Yes they dux help but it didn't last that long. Now for us as while need to understand that they're bad people and good people but just because someone is black doesnt mean they're guilty. The man who killed trayvon martin, is now auctioning the gun he used to kill that poor teenage boy. The President is black so racism is gone. Nope because the it comes to Donald Trump amd Mexicans, Americans and Arabs, Blacks and Whites, Women and Men, and even Chinese and America. This is why people are so ignorant because if you are not white you are superior to all Ethnicities. Yep some balck people do bad things but others do good, but they just look at the negative.

  • Racism will always be a fact of life in America

    Racism persists despite the continued evolution on the subject. It may not be as pervasive or in your face as it has been through much of American history, but racism is still a problem in certain parts of America. Lawsuits alleging racial discrimination continue to be filed, racial stereotyping by police continue in many localities and racial stereotypes continue to be perpetuated by the media. Most Americans are not racist themselves, but by no means has racism been eliminated in any way.

  • Racism is alive and well in America

    Racism remains a constant divider in the fabric of American culture. This element sets people of different races against one another to this day, with members of various races forced to make decisions regarding their stance on these issues on a regular basis starting at early stages of their lives. So long as a racial homogeneity is not established in America, racism will continue to segregate and inflame citizens across the country.

  • Yes, racism is still present in many forms in the United States.

    The history of the United States is filled with problems related to race, from slavery to Jim Crow laws. While the country has progressed a good deal towards offering equality to persons of all races, there is still a large deal of disparity among different races economically, and geographic segregation within metropolitan areas is common. While these issues are tied in with the troubled racial history of the United States, the country still has a long way to go before racism is eradicated.

  • Yes, African-Americans are discriminated against by the criminal justice system.

    Yes, racism exists in America. African-Americans are brought up on more charges than Caucasians, particularly in regards to possession of controlled substances, like cocaine and marijuana. African-Americans are also discriminated against in sentencing because crack cocaine carries with it cruel prison terms that were arbitrarily chosen. African-Americans are caught more often with crack cocaine than Caucasians, so their prison sentences are longer on simple possession because the system treats crack cocaine more harshly than cocaine.

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