• To A Degree

    Radioshack is certainly on it's last leg and if you can compare Best Buy, then I would say the answer to the question is yes. These companies want to fill stores with employees who aren't knowledgeable because they don't want to pay a fair wage. Pay people with knowledge fairly and they will help sell your products.

  • No, Radioshack a one off

    Radioshacks demise is just the turning of time. Radioshack has only focussed on one segment of the market, and has not diversified very well. It has not kept up with the competition as it should have. Doing the same day in day out is not a good business model. There are plenty of other companies who will step in to do what it does and better.

  • Um, no it doesn't

    Why would that mean other companies like it would fail? Does this mean in business structure? Does this question mean to ask electronic stores? I think just because one company fails, this does not mean that it reflects all other companies similar to it in a sense of fail or succeed

  • Radioshack's demise does not mean other such companies will fail.

    The reason for Radioshack's fall is two fold: failure to update the gear and products offered in the stores and not keeping up with modern advertising and branding trends. This does not mean new stores won't come along that are similar to Radioshack, but have a different business model that keeps up with the trends and stay relevant to consumers.

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