Does rap glamorize fighting, bullying and hatred (on a side note, for those who answer yes, do rappers incriminate themselves)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Not all rappers, but the majority of them do

    That's not to say that I like rap, however that's not the reason I say yes. I think most rappers, in a trend started by NWA and continued by Onyx, tend to glamorize hatred and fighting (and I don't mean fighting for strength, I mean assult). Rappers also brag about the things they do.

  • It doesn't have to!

    Some may, most don't. There are plenty of raps with a great message about freedom, equality and anti- bullying. Some raps, yes does glamorize fighting, bullying and hatred but we can't take a very few songs for the whole expressive rap genre.

    Rap is a fun, entertaining and modern genre to listen to, and it teaches you a lot of lessons.

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