• I believe Rap supports ideas of 'Black supremacy'

    As seen above it accliams that "80% say no, 20% say yes" however, those who listen to rap, listen to it mostly because it's catchy, not many people actually pay attention to what the words 'actually mean' many rap songs have lyrics in them that contain anti police, and anti white messages, which can be heard in many popular songs of both old and new rap, for example (N.W.A's) F**k the police... You can clearly see based on the title what the message in this song is. Now for the new rap.... Asside from the 'White girl this, white girl that' modern rap contains some pretty anti white and anti police statements, as well as statements that try and convince the public into believing they are being descriminated against (which they aren't, anyone with common sense understands this) for this reason I believe we are justified to start a campaign to stop this "black supremacy" music (much like they have a turn it down anti white supremacy campaign) because of course, equality works both ways, if we can't say things against you, you can't say things against us, it's only equal. Those of us with a brain will treat equal and be treated equal. I hope this post has shown you what rap music is really about, if it hasn't then oh well, maybe someone else's post will help you

  • It advocates lawlessness.

    Yes, rap music promotes black supremacy ideals, because it supports a lot of things, but none of those things are living peacefully and respectfully in society. Rap music promotes the message that black people have been wronged by white people. The music even discusses or advocates for seeking revenge. The music is quite polarizing, and full of overt and covert black supremacy.

  • There are many issues

    You can't just look at rap as 'black music' and you can't just look at rap as talking about one issue - it is music that can be made and enjoyed by all, even if its origins lay in black culture, and it can speak of many important issues in many communities.

  • It's not about black supremacy.

    No, rap music doesn't promote black supremacy ideals. Not unless black supremacy ideals include settling arguments with guns, treating women like garbage, and ranting about the police. This music isn't really meant to be uplifting or inspiring in a way that would promote such ideals. It's just music from kids talking about their experiences of being black in America.

  • No, it doesn't.

    If the question was does rap music promote misogyny, I would definitely agree. I don't think that in general it promotes black supremacy though. I think that sometimes songs express their anger of being oppressed and anger about inequality and that it completely understandable. A desire to be equal does not make it a desire to be supreme.

  • Not That I've Heard

    I do not believe that rap music promotes black supremacy ideals. If anything it points out the downfalls of growing up in impoverished American communities. I've listened to wrap for a good two decades and never come to the conclusion that rap music supports black supremacy ideals. It may talk a lot about cash, and hoes, and cars, and dro, though.

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