• One letter separates.

    There is one letter that separates the word rap and the word rape from each other. Most of the people that take part in rapes, gang rapes all listen to music. Probably live terrible lives in the ghetto or want to be a gangster. Rap isn't even music. Its just an excuse for black people to actually make something that white people will listen to.

  • Rap promotes rape just as much as Country promotes incest.

    A music genre can have certain ideals and values and opinions? Umm I don't think so. Certain lyrics promote rape. Certain movies (50 Shades [no black people held main parts in the movie]) promote rape. A type of music does not promote rape. Kanye's "Only One" is a lullaby for his little daughter for Christ's sake.

  • It does not.

    There is no way in this world that rap promotes rape. Someone who is willing to rape another is not suggested by any kind of music. Rap suggests a bit of violence, getting drunk and doing drugs. While rap does promote those things, rap and any other type of music does not promote rape.

  • Rap does not promote rape

    Rap does not promote rape if its done in the proper context and the people who rap do not encourage its audience to rape others. As its own music genre, rap is just like any other music. However, some rappers have abused music and have clearly shown that they dont care what they rap about whether it be sex, violence, drugs or rape.

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