• Trust me, it is not easy

    Not only do you need natural talent, but you need to practice and practice and practice to get it to the level of some of the best. It takes plenty of talent, and that is proven because so few people can do it well. Not to mention, writing the song takes plenty of talent as well.

  • Of course it does

    If you want to be a good and unique rapper, you must think of new, unique and powerful lyrics, and using the technology and software to make rap in itself is quite complicated, and I don't know what some of you dudes are saying bout no use of instruments, #YouCanUseInstrumentsInRap

  • Some types of rap do.

    Some rap songs such as Lose Yourself by Eminem are geniusly written, no ordinary person could write lyrics that rhyme and flow so perfectly and make sense. It also requires talent to speak very fast without stuttering or messing up, which many rap artists do. I do agree, however, that some rap songs could have been written and performed by just about any one and require no special talent.

  • Of course it does

    To make clever, insulting, funny rhymes while matching it to a beat takes a lot of hard work, talent and time sitting down in the studio writing down raps. So to you guys saying it takes no talent, try and do it and see how many albums you sell. Clearly singing takes more talent but you can't take that away from rapping

  • Insulting poetry takes talent

    If you think that poetry or writing requires talent then so does rap. You need to have a smart mind to quickly come up with rhymes. Although at times, it almost sounds like a crime because of such profanity and hate speech. Professional raps take a long time to teach, let alone reach. Some may argue that it is a leech to intelligence although to the rap I take vengeance to restore their poetic nature.

    Im sorry ill stop

  • Rap takes talent.

    I think rap takes talent. Rap is a form of art. It definitely takes talent to freestyle and write lyrics. You have to do it fast. You also have to control your breathing. Rapping is just like rhyming. Many rappers double as singers (Drake, Bryson Tiller, etc.) and singing is considered a talent.

  • Raping definitely takes not only talent but natural talent.

    Writing a good rap over a period of time is definitely easy but if you want to actually get good at rapping it takes tons of work, effort, motivation, and natural talent; Free styling especially. I have worked for a year on free styling every single day and now I can finally freestyle as long as I want to but thats not what its all about. Raping is an art form and a way of expressing yourself through scrupulous words. Not just through a soft guitar strum and a few lyrics. Raping is a tedious art and every single word you say counts and needs to mean something to you. Most people can't even get one 100th of that while writing the lyrics down.

  • Exceptions to Rule

    I almost said no, but there are too many exceptions to the rule. Although my typical genres are rock and metal. Some rappers have little to no talent however (*ahem* Lil Wayne, T-Pain, and others). There are, believe it or not some rappers that I enjoy listening to like Eminem.

  • It takes more natural talent than any other genre of music.

    As a musician who has been in a college marching band and jazz band, I can tell you that raps takes a lot of talent. Just the act of rapping quickly and fluently takes talent alone, but in the hip-hop industry that just equates to Lil Wayne and Future.

    "My name is pat, and I have a cat that likes to chase rats."

    To take it a step further, you need to implement internals, indirects, and multis,

    "Finally I'm at the point where I can spit quick... Using multiple syllables a minute it looks like I'm spitting to the limit"

    That still isn't enough to make yourself known as a talented rapper, though. You need to add a message to your rhymes, and it needs to make sense when it is in your song. That is what puts hip-hop on par with other genres and shows that you are a good rapper.

    All this combined makes rap great, probably even the best for story telling and exciting verses that makes rap better than all the genres for me and a lot of other people.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Its the most famous music in todays world

    Let the title express itself i mean its a success it came from being made fun of by police and the government to making money and becoming a mainstream success... Now im not saying the rap today is good but eminem rakim 50 cent fort minor jay z biggie and MANY MANY more have credit for music.

  • It does not take as much talent as singing.

    Any one can say words to a computerized beat. A redneck from Alabama with a few tries could successfully rap. Speed raping and raping on the spot does take some talent the latter takes more.
    Singing takes talent not every one can sing opera. Not everyone has a singing voice like Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Justin timberlake, or usher.

  • No musical talent.

    You don't need to know how to sing or play an instrument so it does not require any musical talent. If it reflects no musical talent, why do people call it music?
    The closest that they have for music is hacked up bits from the word of other artists played in the background and a drum machine. Sorry but playing other peoples work or hitting (start) on a drum machine does not take musical talent.
    Rap is basically poetry that is spoken in time with a beat. Basically that would make it a modern spin on what was called beatnik poetry back in the 50's and 60's where some guy wearing sunglasses indoors would say their poem in time to someone playing a bongo to a crowd with such retarded emotions that instead of clapping after, they would just snap their fingers.
    Rap is poetry, at best. It is not music as it does not require any musical talent.

  • No it doesn't take talent to rap.

    You can simple say words to a beat and your rapping. But if the question was " Does it take talent to rap well?" I would answer differently. Sure anyone can rap but not everyone can do it well. Same for singing. Anyone can sing. You can do it now. But not everyone can sing well.

  • Maybe if they did like any of it themselves.

    As a muscian, I can tell you that rappers are some of the laziest people in music. Writing lyrics is probably the easiest part of the entire process, And if rappers do anything themselves, It's writing lyrics that are easier to write then the lyrics to a pop song. Plus, When must rappers go mainstream, They stop doing any of it themselves. When you have someone putting a lot of work into music, And then these guys come along half-assing their way to the top it gets me super angry. Can we please raise our standards! Rappers are always like "I'm on that grind yeye whatever" but they actually are just a bunch of bums.

  • No need Talent

    Rapping doesn't need skills, All you need is find a good 808 mafia type beat then find some luxury brand like Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Or Guccis then freestyle about it, Listen to few rappers such as Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, Soulja Boy, Blueface, Chief Keef, Lil Wayne and Lil Xan

  • Its not even that motivational

    Rap just sounds like any of those speeches and lectures you hear in your classes. Its just like someone reading a book loudly and fast without any pronunciations. I have seen rappers rapping while holding a piece of sheet on their hands at the studio. Like come on at least memorize and work hard

  • Of course not

    Honestly why is this even in question? People like xxx and 6ix9ine can do it. Honestly rap has brought ou the worst in music and now the whole genre is a talentless lump of lard that seeped itself into the mainstream. The genre has been destroyed in the past 20 years, that’s all I’m gonna say.

  • It's a skill which one can acquire

    Many rappers get into the career after a stint in prison where they have a lot of time to hone this skill. I don't really understand why people appreciate lyrics that are spoken to a beat so fast that they lose their meaning and most often not understood. Rhyming is easy. Just pick up a thesaurus but the forced rhymes often associated with rap does not make a poem. Why do artists steal other artists melodies?

  • More No than Yes

    If you are talking about rappers such as Eminem or Tech N9ne then yes those people have much talent. But generally most rap today doesn't take much talent. They usually just mumble over a bass-boosted beat and somehow that's invigorating and inventive. I do find some rap appealing but most such as Kodak Black and 21 Savage i just find them talentless.

  • The C in (C)rap is silent.

    ''Yo muh talent yo..Yo''. Children are just as adept as adults in so-called rap. Rhyming words and grunting is not music and takes no special talent. It is pointless and offensive to both the ears and the eyes. Pull up your pants. We don't want to see your Walmart underwear.

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