Does Ray Comfort understand what the scientific theory of evolution says?

Asked by: Lordgrae
  • Yes, but instead of getting into the details of evolution, he focuses on the big picture of evolution: everything living came from a single-celled organism.

    Yes, there are theistic evolutionists who believe that evolution is just "God's way of creating," but the hardcore evolutionists, such as Richard Dawkins, PZ Meyers, and others, believe that everything came from nonliving matter, which is why Mr. Comfort brings up abiogenesis. Before we can talk about evolution, we must understand what supposedly came first: nonliving matter. He brings up questions such as "why can't we observe a dog giving birth to a cat" to illustrate his point: that Darwinian evolution is unobservable. Adaptation and speciation (examples of microevolution) are observable, but those changes happen on a species level, thus we cannot observe any change in kinds (like a dog to a cat). The fact that evolution supposedly takes millions of years to produce a new kind makes evolution an unobservable process, thus not very scientific at all if we can't even observe it.

  • Yes, it is just his opinion.

    Yes, Ray Comfort understand the theory of evolution, because a person does not have to agree with something in order to understand it. What evolution is is not a hard concept. Mr. Comfort understand what people say it is, he just has his reasons for believing that it is not a credible theory to explain the origins of the universe.

  • If what he says is what he believes

    Then obviously not. Anyone that thinks that evolution says a dog should turn into a cat has absolutely no clue what evolution is. And that's just one of the many ridiculous things he's said. Anyway, I have a suspicion that he knows a lot more than he's letting on, but there's money to be made in preaching to gullible people.

  • It is obvious.

    Time and time again, Mr. Comfort has failed to understand basic concepts, and confused many differing aspects of science. He combines evolution and abiogenesis, and he constantly misinterprets "millions upon millions of years" as "Why ain't there no doggie given birth to a cat?". He would fail a freshmen biology class. The biology teacher would have to bring back physical punishment just to be able to have the sensation of beating him. He has had evolution explained over and over, and yet still misunderstands basic concepts.

  • No, no way.

    After seeing his movie God vs. Evolution, I think I can safely say that Ray either lies about what evolution is OR has absolutely no idea what the theory is. In his movie, he keeps asking people to show him "one kind transitioning into another", which does not mean anything; "kind" has no scientific definition. When PZ Meyers told him about fishes, Ray answered with "but they are still fishes!", which clearly demonstrates his lack of understanding.

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