• Reality TV: First take or fake?

    We all know of the famous "Keeping up with the Kardashians" where we see people who's lives are better than ours. What's the point of that? We watch the rich people going to the store so that they can buy their "Gucci" clothes. We the audience feel the urge to shape our lives like them. We try to fill a hole in our lives that cannot be filled.

  • Shut it ya fanny

    Shut it ya fanny Nabdy watches tv any mare. Its all shite n u should get a ps4 ya wank stain. Netflix is way better than tv even tho I'm too poor to get it. Tv made me homeless and I now live on council money. My opinion is that everyone who watches tv is a mongo. Fuck u all

  • Shut it ya fanny

    Nabdy watches tv any mare. Its all shite n u should get a ps4 ya wank stain. Netflix is way better than tv even tho I'm too poor to get it. Tv made me homeless and I now live on council money. My opinion is that everyone who watches tv is a mongo. Fuck u all

  • Reality TV shows do more harm than good!

    Reality television causes teenagers to lose focus in school as it is distracting. Teenagers would stay up all night watching these fake reality shows instead of studying or doing homework. Reality television is bad for teenagers to watch as some children talk to their peers about it instead of paying attention.

  • Hard core TV

    So a boy name billy saw a big tall man and he thought that a big man mean a really long hard juicey penis so he walked up to the man and the man eat his penis off then the boy started to cry so the big man did not want to get cought so he let the boy with out a penis bit his off then the mans penos got stuck down the boys thought so he had to take it out then the man shoved the dick up the little boys ass the he stated fucking him very hard. And that is my debate for reality TV. Thank you for your time.

  • Reality TV is RUINING young people lives

    Reality TV often shows a certain type of body image in which the people are tall and skinny with a small waist for men and woman witch can make people feel embarrassed and uncomfortable with how they look ,some TV shows that promotes that body image is “The Bachelor” and “The bachelorette”

  • It just does

    I have a few facts to support why I think that reality tv is a harmful thing. However, I feel to lazy to write them out and to write the 50 words that I need to write in order to make this a valid argument on this site. Check mates.

  • Its not reality

    They lie about everything and have scripts to read off of all the stuff they put out there is not true editors just edit it to make it get to all the dramatic parts because that's what viewers like but everyone thinks they look that perfect but in reality its Photoshoped and its not reality

  • It has a bad influcence on young girls

    When young girls watch reality tv shows they are learning bad habits because it is not like it says and you can´t just going around and do it. They be mean to other girls and lie to get what they desire. They don include the less popular girls to go anywhere if they are the popular girls.

  • It does have a bad effect on girls

    Girls are impacted by the show that they act like they are in the show and be mean to other people. They would rather be reconized for their out side beauty than their inside beauty. The age where it does the most damage is 11 to 17 years old that is it.

  • Reality TV should NOT be banned!

    People think reality TV is all violence it may be but it is good because it shows what people should and shouldn't act like. On the other hand reality TV can be very educational there can be choices that people can look and think about,like jobs,what your future job can look like, what you need to practice before going to experience what you job can or could look like.

  • Allows people to show their talents

    Reality TV allows talented young or old people to show the world their amazing abilities. In many reality TV shows, people are competing for a prize - the prize being the opportunity to pursue their dreams. For example, in the X Factor, the prize is a recording contract with a music studio. Reality TV helps the undiscovered become discovered.

  • It's inspirational shows

    Reality TV shows can be inspirational in many ways. For example, a reality TV show that expresses inspiration is America’s Next Top Model. Even though not every girl can win, many women have gone off and succeeded in life after with the help of that show, for example, Tocarra Jones did. All of you might be think that the girls in America’s Next Top Model are catchy but then again in this case the girls are in theirselves and have to battle against others to become a winner. According Radford says that the majority of viewers that watch reality TV shows are more likely to inspire leadership.

  • Reality tv shows are real, no script

    1. Reality shows are not worse or harm. As we know that it just for entertain others and also reality shows are funnier rather than another program, such as scripted shows that the actor / actress have trained and learnt before about what they say when they are perform. It’s really contrast with reality shows because these programs are more authentic. The actor / actress aren’t memorize the line which they say before, so they do in spontaneous and also some reality shows programs, show the fact about life and we can learn from there.

  • Reality tv shows educate the viewers

    Reality TV can be an educational programs. They educate people by asking/giving information about current affairs, global history and general knowledge. This show provides new knowledge and increases the viewer's intelligence. For example: ‘Who wants to be a milionere, "Who are smarter than fifth grader". All of the educational programs make us to have a more knowledge about social knowledge, sciences, mathematic, history. Both all of them it can happens in all this education program.

  • Reality shows give us an inspiration and also develop our social and empathy

    One of the reality show programs is talents show; it allows people to perform their skills / abilities. The benefit of this reality show is we can see a lot of talents, such as dance, sing, and art, which are very unique, rare and never seen before.

    Another reality show is Charity show; it can develop our social and empathy by watching a person who suffered from pain and help them by giving something, such as medicine, food, money, and clothes.

  • Reality tv show is Inspirational

    Reality shows doesn’t harm for others. Reality show program is inspirational. It provides viewers with good role models and influences them to make positive decisions, lifestyle and mindset changes. It also enable children to understand the importance of ethics and values, and also enhance their critical thinking ability about life and society.

  • Prepares people for the world

    Reality tv shows people that the real world is fun na d interesting and should be embraced and it shows people that everything could be worse so they learn to embrace everything that is around or close to the individual. Reality tv shows different perspective on life displaying education, exotic behaviors and some of life's different opportunities.

  • It can inspire us

    Shows like American Idol or America Ninja Worrier and teach us that if you try hard, You can do amazing things. You can complete courses that people every day practice and fail then try again. I was watching a America's got talent a year or so ago and a 13 year old girl won one million dollars! She explained how she tried hard every day and practiced. So I think that Reality T. V is a good thing

  • Circles the Economy

    They are able to advertise in between the shows, As millions of people watch it so it is a better place to advertise. This means that they are able make more money and keep the economy circling. Plus it keeps us entertained and gives us a chance to laugh at things.

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