• Recycling Definitely Helps

    Recycling helps the planet in so many ways. It allows us to not add to the massive amount of garbage we create every day. Reusing things also saves time and money. I think we need to do a better job of recycling because it is very beneficial and will help us a lot in the long run.

  • It helps more than just cluttering the planet with garbage.

    Recycling and reusing as much as we can helps the planet, as well as the economy. Each item that can be recycled saves resources that can be used for other things. Reusing as much as we can saves money and promotes a healthier planet. If we can recycle paper and save a few trees, we are all benefiting from recycling.

  • Yes recycling is very beneficial for our planet.

    If we didn't recycle there would be so much more waste in this world. Recycling gives people more jobs as well as having more lasting resources. If you go to a resale store you are supporting a great cause as well as purchasing things at an affordable and more realistic price.

  • I think it because recycling uses one thing to make into something that is better for human kind and animals.

    Its used to stop pollution caused by waste. It also is used to lower demand in materials. Recycling has a good impact on natural environment. When you recycle it helps the environment, and trees aren't used as much as they would if we didn't recycle. So we need to start recycling more.

  • We need more recycling in this world

    If we don't recycle the world could be covered in waste think if you didn't recycle all that plastic ,cardboard, and cans we can not reuse them and kids in school don't eat all their food and throw away it and waste food and there are homeless people that need that food so if we recycle all that food can be reused and sent to homeless shelters that is why i think we should recycle and schools should recycle.

  • Yes, recycling is good.

    When we recycle, we save so many things. For instance, when we cut down trees because people don't recycle paper, we lose more air that we breathe in and many animals lose homes. Also when you do recycle we save money, i mean millions, and that money can go somewhere better

  • Yes, recycling does help the planet.

    Recycling helps to conserve resources. The conservation of these resources lead to less forests being chopped down. It also helps in the saving of energy used to make metal. Recycling also helps to keep plastic wastes from being put into a dump. Recycling even reduces the amount of human waste.

  • Recycling reduces the global acres used

    By recycling, we are able to use less of the Earth's global acres. If every person in this planet recycled we would save about 521 million global acres. If we compare this to the size of a football field, it would take about 391 million football fields to cover up all the area used when we do not recycle. Not only do we help the planet but we save money by reusing packaging items with recycled materials instead of with new materials each time.

  • Recycling saves global acres used in the planet.

    By recycling we can reduce the amount of global acres that are used in the planet to fit our lifestyles. If everyone in this planet recycled we could save up to 521 million global acres which would be similar to an area that would cover about 391 million football fields.

  • Yes, it helps the homeless.

    I don't think that people recycle their own trash enough to make any significant dent in the environment, except in the sense that every piece that doesn't go into a land fill is a good thing. However, recycling does help the homeless and the people who are willing to pick up trash because they need the money. I'm not trying to be flippant, here, just commenting that every time you see a homeless person with a grocery cart full of junk, instead of thinking about how dirty he looks, think about the last time you tossed a can in the trash.

  • Recycling is infecting the planet. Don't forget, we only have one.

    Recycling in general, is a horrible idea. Not only does it pollute the planet, it also hardly makes a dent in demand. One example of why recycling is bad is that if you recycle a lead can of spray paint, and it is recycled into a soda can, toxins that were in that can of spray paint can end up n the soda bottle. That's just one of many reasons.

  • It wastes energy

    Recycling of most things like paper and plastic are a complete waste of money and valuable resources like oil and coal. Why reuse paper and trees when we can grow more whereas oil and coal is going to someday run out? There are three times more trees in America today than 100 years ago. Recycle what can not be replaced. Metal and aluminum, like electronics and cans.

  • Takes away jobs

    The people that operate at landfills make their money by recycling and selling whatever they can. Its their only way of income. Recycling bins are really a scam. Now before you start hating on me, hear me out. Landfills make their money by selling whatever they can recycle, well its very similar with recycling bins; except rather than searching for it and creating jobs, they just use people(like you) to do it for them.

  • Recycling Uses more than it saves

    Recovering usable materials from recycled material uses more energy than the new product saves. Not to mention the double transport of all of them.

    When you recycle plastic, less than 20% of it can be reclaimed, and less than 10% of that at a time can go into fresh plastic without causing it to fail

  • Recycling Does Not Help the Planet

    Recycling has been considered great for the environment for years... Until now. There are several reasons why recycling is bad. First, recycled goods do not last as long as not recycled things. Recycling also costs more than not recycling. Recycling wastes resources like water and other things. Recycling is bad!

  • Our Planet Is Made Of Natural Resources

    Recycling does nothing but waste time, energy, labor, and money trying to not waste such abundant materials as aluminum, plastic, and glass. The cost of recycling materials is usually far greater than the cost of mining new ones. And contrary to environmentalists' cry for conservation, our planet is made of all kinds of natural resources. There is virtually no limit to what industry and science can accomplish.

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