Does Regulating Access to Pornographic Content on the Internet to Protect Minors Infringe on the First Amendment Rights of Adults?

  • Yes it does.

    There should be no regulation on the Internet. The Internet should be free to all. Parents should be held responsible for monitoring what their kids do on the Internet. There are many programs that aid in this. People have a right to express what they want to according to the first ammendment.

  • Yes, regulating access to pornographic content infringes on the rights of adults in America.

    The regulation of any content of the Internet is a violation of all Americans First Amendment Rights. The real issue is where to draw the line. How do we define what is suitable for minors to view or not to view? Are minors not citizens with full rights in the U.S? If regulating access to pornographic content to protect minors on the Internet hinders an adults ability to view anything he/she may please, then the government would be in violation of the rights protected by the Constitution.

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