• Religion is what people make of it.

    Most religions use guilt shame fear and hatred to teach good people to do immoral act. It’s immoral to sacrifice the needs of yourself and others in hopes of making things better for yourself in an afterlife which may not even exist anyway. Often this involves clever, ad hoc interpretations which wouldn’t be needed if people were willing to make and take responsibility for their own choices. Of course everyone prefers their own religious morality and the commands of their own god. This is where superstitious beliefs come in to command a person what is right or wrong. An elementary school child of today knows more of the natural world then the superstitious men who invented religion. I know of no society in recorded history that ever suffered because its people became too reasonable. Reason will always have more positive insight then any religion. People can't even agree on one religion, but they all agree that the others are wrong. Some religious people are willing to kill or die to make the point that there religion is the right one. People can be good without religion, it does more harm then good. Question everything and thank you for the question. Have a nice day.

  • Religion is not a message or guidelines from God

    What exactly is religion? Is it the message and lifestyle guidance from God? The God who has created all men and women equal? Then why there is so many religion though all men and women are technically equal proven by modern science. Religion is nothing but the scripts defined and followed by few human to fulfill their selfish goal

  • Religion can make people do anything bad in the name of god

    Religion can push you to kill, Torture, Enslave a human being in the name of god & make you hate other people because of their religions, Religion lie & say that they respect other religion but if they Had the power & oportunity to destroy the other religion they would of done it

    I'm talking specially about islam i was a muslim & islam have a very severe punishment if you do something like getting out of islam if you get out of the islam you're considered like a traitor i was born in islam i didn't had the choice to select if i want to enter it, & you're punishement is 'قطع الرأس' cuting you're head

  • It's indecisive and inconsistent

    Other than the fact that religion has become a social cult and has been forced onto people by the fear of "If you don't believe, You'll go to hell forever after you die", Christians especially never seem to follow the religion consistently. They only want to pick and choose which rules/guidelines to actually commit to and when being pointed out for it, Reply "God will forgive me for my sins". Yet when seeing someone who, For example, Is gay, Decides to have an abortion, Has premarital sex, Or simply doubts religion in general, They're attacked for it and told that they're going to hell. Stop using hell as a fear factor in the religion! God himself instructed us not to judge others and "love thy neighbor". Why then, Is it that Christians are the more brutal when someone sins? Christianity and religion as a whole was supposed to be made to be liberating, Not inconsistent, Pushy, And built on fear.

  • Religion does more harm

    Religion tears people apart most of the time. When a very religios family has someone that doesn't believe in the religion or wants to convert to another religion, It often causes tension between the sides. There are people that don't even agree with a religin which causes fights to happen.

  • Religion is synonymous with 'Cult'

    Before scrolling by, This is a well researched must read.
    "Religion: the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power"
    A definition of religion according to the Oxford English Dictionary.
    I would like to highlight 'controlling', Even in the definition it states that religion is controlling, Fundamentally suppressing the herd that blindly follow.
    Religion is dividing and tension-inducing:
    In almost every religion in existence, There are many that are willing to die, Or even kill, To prove that their own religion is somehow superior to that of others. Along with strife between different religions, There is a conflict between 'believers' and atheists.
    Religion is essentially founded on violence:
    In fact, The Quran reportedly mentions words with a semantic field of violence over 30, 000 times.
    Not to mention, Crusades and witch hunts.
    A cult is a direct synonym of religion:
    A notable cult/religion which boasted 4, 000, 000 members at one time which you probably know: The Ku Klux Klan.
    Don't forget the priests that sexual abuse little children. . .
    And finally, On that cheerful note, My argument comes to a close.
    -T. E.

  • Religion is inherently exclusive

    The nature of most religions is inherently exclusive. If you don't accept the unfounded, Unproven beliefs of the religion, You are a heretic. Many religions violently oppose not only other religions, But also people who follow no religion. People are killed for not believing in the "right" faith. People are ostracized, Shunned, Kicked out of families. Atheists and agnostics don't kill people for being religious. I know people will bring up communism, Nazis, Etc. Nazis were arguably a warped version of Christianity (mostly as a disguise for nationalism, I would guess). Communists, Well that set of political beliefs is practically a religion itself. The Soviets killed people for not following the party line; religion was competition. Religion, Nationalism, Political fanaticism, Racism, Sexism, "homophobia", Hatred of transgender people, All are just excuses to think of other people as less worthy, Less human. Be inclusive, Not exclusive.

  • It is Divisive

    If you take even a moment to look at the underpinnings of organized religion, It nearly always ends up revolving around money, Even if it started with good intentions. It is essentially a business which caters to such basic human needs as belonging and self-actualization. The problem with belonging to something is that it separates the individual from those who are not members of the chosen religion. This in turn creates tension between believers and "non-believers", Often leading to hatred, Family separation, And even war. People like to point at all the "good which comes from religion", But I would argue that good comes from good people who would be a benefit to society whether they participated in their chosen religion or not. I've traveled a long convoluted path in my attempt to self-actualize and time and again in my personal experience I found churches to be filled with people who were the very example of hypocritical bigots. In the end I have come to the conclusion that humanity is a mixture of good and bad with most of us somewhere in between, But religion does nothing to improve the mix and only serves to divide us and obscure what's really important.

  • Religion causes more harm.

    Religion caused more harm than good like example, Lets go back in time and see how many murders and war has happened throughout history like the crusades. Many people were killed because of religion like example Europe, Many people were killed because if Christianity. At least today the harm that was caused is probably low.

  • Historically, Religion through fear has been geared to control people.

    There are volumes of historical material attesting to the church's (especially catholic) attempts to control how people live and even how they should think. For many who blindly follow the dogma of their chosen religion, This is true even today. For centuries, Religion has slowed the progress of science by making it not only a sin, But a crime punishable by death, To question the so-called divine word of god.

  • God can provide mankind with meaning and purpose through eternal life and infinite goodness.

    There are many harmful religions which bring strife and violence. But without Christianity, the fate of mankind would be utterly hopeless. Despite the noble efforts of good humanitarians everywhere, death is the only reality for every person. Eventually, humanity itself will go extinct, and all life will soon follow. Life is truly meaningless and absurd without God and eternal life.

  • People Do Not Understand

    The major problem with religion is not the religion itself, it is the people who follow the religion and misinterpret it. Religion becomes dangerous when people politicize it or try to use it to push their agenda or what they believe is right. Religion and the facets of religion do not hurt anyone, it's people who do not follow their religions guidelines, that hurts. Prime example, the golden rule.

  • It's not religion that causes wars- it's the people

    Religions do not support the use of violene- the bible opposes it- one of the Ten Commandments is that you shall not murder, it is the people that do this- as they feel that it is what their God wants them to do, yet there is no biblical evidence that it is what they want- so extremists may be disallusioned, or perhaps there god has told them to do what they do.

  • Religion: Doesn't Harm

    People need something to believe in when all hope seems to be lost. Religion helps shape people to be a better person to learn what is right from wrong. We shouldn't tell others what they can and can't believe just because you don't think it does any good. It is not your job to tell others how to live because it is not your life. Just take care of your self and mind your own bee's wax.

  • Religion does not do more harm than good.

    Religion does not do more harm than good. Depending on your religion and what you believe in can have a positive effect on the way that you live your life. Most people put their faith into their religion and use it to remain positive about life. Religion is good for everyone.

  • Religions are vital to humankind

    First all religions teach peace, humans are the one changing it for politic use and adapting it to their desires.
    Second religions bring a form of stability to people, it often changes peoples life in a positive way.
    Third it gives us a purpose in life.
    Forth Religions give you a feeling of belonging to a group which is crucial for humans. Who is alone in his heart has more chance of being depressed.
    Fifth all great religious men always preached speech before the sword.
    To conclude before judging a religion go directly to the source itself instead of listening to people who might be uneducated about it.

  • Religion is good, as long as it's kept in its place.

    Religion has the power to uplift, to inspire, and to bring joy to many people. Here in the United States, however, our Founding Fathers were well aware that religion can also be used as a blunt instrument of hate and justification for vile acts, which is why our First Amendment establishes a clear separation between the two institutions.

  • Religion is What People Make of It

    Religion provides a spiritual insight to a lot of people. As an institution, it helps people find meaning in a complex world. However, there is a line. Spiritual enlightenment is one thing; trying to impose your sense of spiritual enlightenment onto unwilling people is a form of fascism. That's the part that does harm.

  • Religion is a choice

    Religion is what people believe and what some people stand for and even what they use to motivate themselves everyday. If religion is a help to millions and millions of people everyday and if it helps them get over situations if something is as good as to let someone want to leave how does it harm anyone.

  • Religion is not harmful

    Religion does not cause harm because religions like Sikhism are showing equality and people are getting to use to the world. Like wars, arguments and personal life. More communities are showing peace and being helpful , even politics are getting into the religion issues which are solving it fast and quickly. Religion is like a family.

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