• Yes, religion has a place in American life.

    For people who wish to practice a religion, it has a place. If should not be forced on anyone, or legislated in any way, but it certainly should be permitted and welcomed, for those who find it helpful or enjoyable. We have no right to tell others what they can or should believe.

  • Yes, for those who want it.

    One of the great things about America is that you can worship however you would like, religiously. The pilgrims left England to avoid religious persecution. However, there is supposed to be a separation of Church and state. It is possible to follow your faith and religion while not forcing it on others. The beauty of being able to have freedom of religion is that you also have the freedom of not having religious ties. If religion comforts and is how you want to live your life, there is no reason why it can't be incorporated into your American life. Everyone needs to respect each others' beliefs, even if that includes non-beliefs.

  • Religion has a place as long as people still want it.

    In America, the overwhelming majority of people are religious in some form. Atheism is growing, but it is only a minority at the moment. Even if it were to become the overwhelming majority, however, it would not (or at least should not) push religion out of American life. Separation of church and state in the United States protects the individual, and they can believe what they will no matter what the others around them believe.

  • Religion Still Stands Strong in America

    Look no further than American currency to find out how much region is a factor in the American people's lives. There are still millions of people is the US that go to church, believe in God, and have values that are shaped by religion. There are millions of Churches in this country and they have big effects on communities and the people that live in them

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