• Yes it does!

    It does have a place like it or not. The fact is that more than 70 percent of the world's population follow some kind of religion. This isn't an argument about if God exists but about if religion has a place in the world today, and if you look around at the many religious buildings in the country it's quite easy to see that it does have a place.

  • Something Ancient can and always demands respects and acceptance. No matter how our opinions are divided.

    Religion may be few thousand years old but before its existence, I believe every single culture in the human race believed in the existence of something higher than themselves. Thus, I can't put a name to what that is but the general consensus about a bigger thing out there than the world itself. Now, I don't know, where and how did this idea being instilled in the DNA of the human being in the first place. From this perspective, I take my stance that Religion has a role in the society. It does enhances and harnesses the goodness in the human person. I believe, Human nature is by definition vulnerable and weak. Thus, subject to failings. (You name it). That's why we need each other in our journey here. That's why love is important in the ideal functionality of the common good.(To love and be loved) Compassion has its place. Friendship is great. And I believe, Religion is a channel in which, it reaffirms and reinforces these qualities for the common good of the human person. Religion has existed thus far, and I don't see any reason why SHE is ceasing to exist.
    By J. Nori

    Posted by: Nori
  • It keeps society stable.

    Religion keeps society in check and allows it to continually evolve, but at a slower pace, so it can consider many things. While many young adults are beginning their own search for spirituality and trying to determine the place that religion will or will not have in their lives, others are trying to understand the religious choices that others have made, and how those choices will affect relationships.

  • Certainly.

    Religion will always have a place in society. It is, in fact, one of its building blocks. What doesn't have a place in modern society is religious intolerance. Equally, seeking to deny somebody the right to follow religion of their choice should have no place in modern society. Religion is not just a set of beliefs, but a way of life, and has therefore a prominent place in the lives of all who choose to adhere to it.

  • Definitely...

    Human nature will always need spiritual fulfillment. For most, its to have that personal connection/bond with the Omnipotent Omnipresent Omniscience being.. No-one can remove the Creator from His creations, whether we choose to acknowledge Him or not, doesn't make any difference.. In terms of society- Religion provides people with substantial basis for moral judgment, provides comfort and strength during tough times, increases self esteem, family cohesiveness, happiness and overall general well being. There is much more evidence that healthy religious practices provides positive social consequences.

  • Religion is Alive and Kicking

    With over 2 billion practicing Christians, 1 billion Muslims, 1 billion Buddhists, and 1 billion Hindus, yes, religion very much has a place in today's society. Religion is the ultimate human act: creating a philosophical "why." Religion gives a way to answer life's question, a place to go when we need help, and a basis for our moral standards. (Now, some people go too far with what they believe God has or has not deemed to be a "sin" but that is another debate.)

  • Free Religion has a place...

    Faith has the inherent quality of motivation. A person with deep conviction, in my opinion, is capable of serious acts of self-discipline.
    I believe it's the reason faith is incorporated into the Alcoholics Anonymous mission statement. A strong faith motivator might overcome the mental aspect of substance abuse.

    Additionally, faith could result in longevity. [1]

    "An analysis of 42 studies involving 125,286 patients, published in the June 2000 issue of Health Psychology, found that those with some sort of religious involvement live longer." [1]

  • Sure

    It's not like abolishing religion will improve society. Only the most ignorant fools would say that. It's not atheists are anymore intelligent than religious people. Religion gives people personal and emotional fulfillment. To deprive them of that or to shame them for that is one of the most immoral things you can do. Religion has been abused, but we shouldn't abolish it for that. Just atheism has been abused, but I'm not for outlawing atheism.

  • Religion is neccesary

    Religion gives life meaning. From an Atheist's viewpoint, My life is a meaningless acid trip followed by nothing. Religion is what seperates man from beast by giving us a promise of reward and punishment. In the Atheist society some envision, what would stop us from killing? I belive religion's purpose is not to explain the unknown, but to give reasons to carry on living with a moral code. Call me what you want, but I say when religion dies, so will humans.

  • That's America

    Not only does it have a place in society, but it is the basis in which The United States was founded on! We came to be this amazing country to avoid religious prosecution. Whether you like it or not, the country was formed over religion and freedom. Whether you're Atheist, Muslim,Christian, it doesn't matter! It's a part of society

  • It's simply superfluous!

    In "ye olde times" (as it is dubbed), religion was extremely necessary. In a world where plague and famine ruled, it was nice to envision a just deity who looked out for you. On the other side of the coin, religion kept crime down in many societies (the idea that there's always a man in the sky who knows what you've done is terrifying to most criminals, and comforting to someone on their death bed). But this mighty tool is blunt and unprecise in today's (somewhat) well-educated world. It's not like some criminal's gonna go: "Oh, I'm not gonna rob this bank, because some perv eyeballing me in the heavens is keeping tabs on what I've done, and will punish me after I'm dead and no longer sentient!"

  • Santa and the Boogie Man

    Religion offers nothing except a system of reward and punishment, both of which are used as a psychological collar to bend the will of the many to the will of the few. It offers the reward of paradise, and the threat of damnation, neither of which it has to make good on. All that is required is the BELIEF that it will happen. God and Satan, Heaven and Hell. It's just Santa Claus and the Boogie Man for the masses. All the same claims. All the same lies.

  • No one needs religion to have morales

    I heard that a staggering 30% of priests don't belive in god,I think as they get older they realise that actually religion makes no sense,I don't belive in God's at all and I certainly don't need to believe in religion to be a good citizen...I once read a true story of a Russian who walked the streets collecting any change he could find and donated it to the church,this guy was living on a shoe string income and the church took the money of him,that to me is completely moraless...If you took heaven and hell out of religion I wonder how many would describe to them

  • Out of touch

    Religion; Based on myth and ancient beliefs invented around desert campfires. Science is the only truth that can be supported by evidence.
    Religion is 'The Root of All Evil' Even the most benign has its roots in control and power, and of course greed. Muslims Jews Christians etc. all wrong.

  • It has a place and doesn't

    It has place in each persons personal life, but it doesn't have a place in any public setting. Further more it should be kept into its own area and should not be the reason to exorcise people. If you do not belong to a group or see the same ideology, that is okay we are all different. But don't try to force ideas on to others or expect people to follow your ideas. Religion is good that it teach core values that can be lost and teaching people about good in the world and project kindness and caring on to others and not being all about yourself.

  • The "books" of religion were written by men, supported by mistruths, over time to explain the events in a world that could not be explained

    The Christian gospels and other religious texts are written as interpretative texts by men in a period where reason and knowledge were lacking. The research on the Gospel of Matthew, allegedly the first gospel is even conflicting and there are strong allegations it was written by a non-witness. Any impartial research will reveal that there all interpretations have been subjective and influenced by the moral, political and personal agendas of the interpreters, including multiple churches and religious institutions. We need an age of reason to deal with the ills of the world, not an age of mysticism by people that should know better.

  • Dogmatic Institutions of Mind Control Have No Place in a Free & Civil Society.

    Every truly great thinker in recent memory from Karl Marx to Thomas Jefferson were at the very lease skeptical of Religion, & at the very most constantly ranting of the potential tyranny which could arise from its dogmatic structure. Much the same as Political Party brainwashing starts from birth all religions tell parents to 1. Indoctrinate their children with the religion, make it their life's foundation, 2. Demand complacency from them or be threatened with their entire life's foundation being fake, 3. Pass the child's complacency unto authority figures such as, but not limited to the State or the Religious institution itself. Look no further than the mid-East or Medieval Europe to see the pure atrocities which were/are justified by Religion.

    To those who may protest "God is the foundation of all things" I say "You may believe what you want, but you don't need a guy who uses your 'holy tithe' to adorn himself in gold & wear a pointy hat to tell you what you believe, nor do you need a man in a fancy suit, or a guy with long curly sideburns, nor a man in a turban to tell you what you believe. You are an individual who is sovereign from the mandates & teachings of others, you may choose to accept them, but you choose, not the collective dogma of generations long since dead, YOU; if YOU are in control of YOUR life at all (which almost all religions teach) than you must come to conclusions separate from the bigotries of others, you must separate yourself from religion."

  • I agree wit

    Any pressure from their families, young adults will not willingly go to a place of worship. 85% of people don’t go to a religious place for worship. Christianity is the largest religious group, still at 59%. But it's down 13 percentage points since 2001. It is the only group to have experienced a decrease in numbers between 2001 and 2011 despite population growth.
    Religious people who have power and authority over people can abuse their power for their own benefit.

  • Religion inhibits rational thinking.

    Religion is merely an ideology that was created to control people through fear, intimidation, conformity, tradition and above all ' a
    superiority complex' that they are better than others owing to their belief, if not anything else.
    People are indoctrinated to believe in things without reason, or logic; without evidence or probability; and without analysis or space for personal opinions.

    In the pretense of giving people a voice of unity, it actually takes away their individuality and benefits only the religious leaders, who exploit their followers both socially and financially. Even someone of high intelligence can be prone to naivety on the topic of his or her
    faith. People fail to understand that the very ideas in religion which gives them 'comfort and solace' or a foundation to build their life
    on, need not necessarily be without faults or even remotely within reason. They are discouraged to question things and the process
    continues producing millions of mind-washed believers year after year.

    Religion may have united people in the past but is dividing people at present. I would hate to think of its effect on the future.
    Lack of religion would go a long way in preventing a lot of these needless conflicts, sectarianism, discrimination on the basis of sexuality and also sexism.

  • No, People dont practise religion anymore.

    No!! By this stage we should have all been adequately educated to realise that religious beliefs are all a form of superstition which have no place in modern society. We are sufficiently evolved not to require the form of control, which in my view is the origin of religion. Respect for life should come from enlightenment not fear of some all powerful father figure

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