• Define: "Discrimination."

    The Bible explicitly states that homosexuality is a sin. Gays and Lesbians should be banned from certain jobs and organizations such as clergy, religious schools, or Boy Scout leaders. "Discrimination" can mean a lot of things. If it means blocking homosexuals from some things because of their sexual orientation, then yes. If it means treating them as less of a human being, then no.

  • Defining constitutional rights

    One of the founding beliefs in America was the right to pursue happiness so long as it does not infringe upon others right to be pursue their own happiness, sorry bible thumpers, but you're infringing on their right to be happy. The establishment clause of the first amendment to the constitution says that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..." so once again, sorry bible thumpers but your rallies demanding legislation to make laws that discriminate against gays due to your religious beliefs are demanding something unconstitutional.
    On the other hand, gays, this also protects private businesses to reserve the right to not serve someone based on sexual orientation (they have the right to refuse service to anyone, they don't even need a reason) religious organization are completely separate from the state so any laws that affect a religion's practices are unconstitutional due to the separation of church and state, the right to practice religion, and the right of those that practice the religion to pursue happiness.
    On a final note, being gay is a choice. If people were born gay, it would be genetic; and if it was genetic then when identical twins were born, if one was gay there would be a 100% chance the other one would be too but the statistics say this is only the case less than 30% of the time

  • No, I think tolerance is an overriding consideration in religion.

    The Bible makes a great many announcements about what are considered forbidden behaviors, but most of them are tolerated as we realize that we are none of us perfect. I think hatred of gays arises from some different psychological source and the Bible is used to back up and give justification for those hostile feelings. The Bible has strictures against eating pork, but few still follow that rule and we certainly don't discriminate against the companies that sell it or the people that eat it. We consider it a matter of personal conscience and simply refrain from eating it if we believe it was to be taken seriously. It should be the same with gays.

  • No

    Religions are against discrimination, although some may take every word literally in the bible, and completely take it out of context. In reality, religion just wants you to have faith and believe in something. And be happy doing it. You choose who you love, the bible cannot. Having faith in religion and being unhappy and feeling discriminated against would not make sense.

  • Nothing Justifies Discrimination

    This is a dicey subject since some (maybe most) religions see homosexuality as a sin. However, just because someone is a sin doesn't give anyone reason to discriminate against them. Take the Bible for instance, if you believed that homosexuality is a sin and use verses to justify that hate should look into all the verses about loving everyone and not judging. Especially 1 Peter 4:8, I don't see anything in that verse about justifying any discrimination. For me, it's not justified. At all.

  • No I think it doesn't

    No I think it doesn't because even though most religions are against the fact of gays, I don't think religion justifies discrimination because it shouldn't discriminate anyone no matter what their beliefs are. True religious people should know that only one man is truly capable of judging a person and that is god.

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