• Religion does make people more moral.

    Religion does make people more moral. Religions such as Christianity which teach that your behavior during your life on Earth will determine where you spend your eternal afterlife. People who behave badly are said to go to hell for eternity after they die, but good people end up going to heaven for eternity. So people who believe in this religion may try to behave as good and moral as possible to avoid spending their afterlife in a place of eternal torture.

  • It really depends on what religion we're talking about.

    I would say that the most peaceful religions are Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. If you disagree then I'm sorry but this is my opinion. I would also like to say that if you are an atheist then there is no point in being moral. I'm not saying that there aren't any moral atheists, because there certainly are, but there is no point in being moral. Why would an atheist care about dressing up nice for debates and doing science when they could just have fun. Thank you and God bless.

  • Yes, religion makes people moral.

    I think that religion can help make a lot of people moral, but I also don't think people need religion to be moral. Religion is something that helps a lot of people. And if becoming moral are one of those effects, then it can only be a positive thing. I however thinking that morality starts with a person's true character.

  • It equals out

    In this generalizing question, let me focus on Abrahamic religions. They obviously have major behavioral rules dealing with honesty to be absolutely total, yet the books are filled with obvious untruths. They deal with behavior to be kind, peaceful, caring and loving in order to be true to the holy yet are filled with violent,vindictive and wrathful behaviors that are expected in their followers in order to defend them. Murder, slavery and earthly judgment for example. These contradictions are multiple.

  • No. Not religion alone.

    Humans make their own decisions and view what is bad based on emotions. Now, ones emotions and reactions to scenarios are not just rooted by religion, but by everything, from the environment, family, friends, culture, life choices.... As you can see the list long.. Each human analysis the situation and establishes if it is bad in their own brain! They don't think about religion at the time of the decision; it is based of their emotions.

    Each person will rationalise the situation themselves and the outcome will depend on the person and their holistic upbringing, not their religious belief alone.

    Religion gives self-purpose, guidance and protection. But it is up to the person to utilise it for that. Just like it is up to the child to listen to their parents; and some are psychos from normal families.

    I want to point out that, others utilise Religion in a bad way. For example in Christianity we are taught that all your sins can be forgiven if there is repentance. What some people don't understand is that repentance is not just guilt, it goes further than that, and it is hard to achieve. Especially if you are repeating your immoral deed (one could argue what is moral and what is immoral, that's a book in itself). Some Muslims utilise Islam as way to justify their bad deeds.

  • Religion is a tool.

    Take the bible for example. Almost any ideology can be justified by quoting scripture. If you think it is immoral to treat people unequally, just quote the part of the bible where it say you have to treat them like a brother. If you think it's moral to kill kids who curse their parents, quote the bible. If you think it's moral to feed the poor, love thy neighbor, cut your hair, never cut your hair, sell you daughters into sex slavery, marry multiple women, kill gays, witches and anyone who doesn't believe in your god, you can do it all and still be in accordance with the religion if you take what the holy book says seriously. The same can be said about every other holy book of every other religion.

  • No, I don't believe Religion makes people more moral.

    I believe Religion's can do much good by teaching their followers to follow moral values I don't believe you need to be Religious to be a moral person, you do not have to be religious to be kind to others or be compassionate to those near to you, religion only encourages those things.

  • Most people aren't affected.

    No, religion does not make people more moral, because people who are religious can talk a good game about doing the right thing, but be hypocrites, and not actually live the life. A lawyer who knows the rules about ethics is not actually ethical. Religion and morality are two different things.

  • Not at all

    No, there are a lot of cases where people who are religious are not more moral at all, and are a lot less moral than a person that is not all that religious. I think that whether or not your are a moral person just is the type of person you are.

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