• Religion is ignorance

    Religion basically started out from two things, The fact that we evolved to see patterns in nature, And the fact that we didn't really know anything about the nature of reality, So one and two were put together and god became an explanation for everything we didn't understand, This of course blew up later when people started exploiting this for money which then in turn led to one of the most superstitious and ignorant populations to have ever lived on this planet, Its honestly a real shame.

  • Faith is a virus

    Religion is a faith based ideology that requires child indoctrination in order to pass from generation to generation like a virus, Because of recent advancements in our world like the internet, It is no longer possible for someone to simply spout horse crap without it getting fact checked, This is why religion is currently declining in first world country's because people are starting to see religion for what it really is, A literal bullshet virus.

  • It's inception. Planting ideas in your mind

    The things which are stated as right or wrong in religion were said they were right or wrong by one person. That person has made you believe what they think. You don't think for yourself, Simply what the first person thinks. If before you turn religious you believe in, For example, Gay rights, If you became, For example, Christian, You are inserted this information that being gay is a sin.

  • Religious think their fairy tales are facts

    Some people who believe in a religion think it is real, When there is no evidence and it contradicts with science. Some think atheists have no morals, Because they don't believe in god. This is very immoral to think, That people don't have morals if their not religious or from the same religion.

  • Yes it does

    Religion is nothing more than Santa Clause, "if you are bad, Then you will get coal", "if you are bad, Jesus will send you to hell to be eternally tortured". It is honestly the thought police station, Where you cannot express yourself freely unless it is being positive about said God, A bit like North Korea. I like to point to the dark ages, As why religion was one of the biggest mistakes of the world. It was a time when people could be tortured ON EARTH, As if they were being tortured IN HELL, Just for not agreeing with this tiny verse, Or this little verse, Or X Y and Z. And who caused all that pain, Why the same people who say that they are speaking for a loving kind God, Who loves everyone. Honestly, It manipulates the mind much more than it frees the mind.

  • Religion frees the mind rather than manipluates it

    I understand that many religions conflict the well-loved theory of religion and the Big Bang. However, Have you ever sat down a considered the positive effect of religion? Without religion, I can assure you that personally I will be in prison or injured. Religion has taught me self control. I understand that some religions are manipulating but that isn't a religion but rather what I would consider to be a cult and THAT is not acceptable. To me, Religion is a community of people sharing a common belief.

  • No, It does not.

    I said no religion is something many people hold close to their heart but it does not mean religion manipulate the brain. People like to express how they feel and what they think about heaven, Hell, And more like that. Just because people say that ZGod will always be with you everywhere it doesn't manipulate people.

  • The amount of falsely indoctrinated (poorly at that) people there are out there can not come to a consensus on what religion even is

    I would say their fake academic institutions are cesspools and nothing short of dogmatic manipulation of our vulnerable cultureless fatherless kids inundated with propaganda and subliminal messages of likes that would make Mao, Adolf, And the imaginative minds of Rodenberry and Huxely all be scared to death. Possibly though, Margaret Thatcher might be happy, If she was simply an ultra elitist that wanted the total population of earth to be reduced to 5 hundred thousand of the most genetically pured and vetted. My point is, Science damn you, Are more than blood and soil, Genetics and environment. . . . And can something really come from nothing? Our minds are manipulated from the point they are first being constructed a few weeks after conception right on until death.

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