• Moral and Ethical society

    Because of religion people decide what is wrong from right. Without religion people wouldn't fear disobeying God and they would act as they please. Although our nation is an "secular" nation many people still believe in a religion in order to get on the good side of God. Religion is what stops our criminal numbers from skyrocketing.

  • Religion is important.

    In the modern era woman have lost their places at a mans side. They now run house holds, and do work that the bible says only men can do. The immorality is forcing women into dangerous sinful roles that will tear apart the family.

    Children run wild, never knowing true discipline. The rod for spankings is needed to make sure the child obeys his father like his father obeys god. They require this spanking to make a moral society. With out it you get feminine men, manly women and the downfall of our way of life.

    God chose a certain people to lead America. Honest hard working Christians have been persecuted as racists. They are not racists just the leaders of America under attack for spreading the word of god, the American way of life, and the truth of Jesus Christ. Our founding fathers fought for a Christian America, and we will still continue that great fight.

  • Yes, religion plays a vital role. AMEN!

    Religion is absolutely vital to modern society. Religion is what determines the norms by which a society should operate. Here in America, even though there are many religions within the nation, Christian character, morals, values and integrity are what keeps the peace. We all understand that to take a life or to steal is a sin and should be punished. There are societies where there religion allows them to take the life of someone for no other reason than personal request. Their religion allows for that and therefore, it is their "norm". A lot of the problems in our American society today comes from an attempt to change the Christian values by which this nation was founded upon and therefore change our "norms". One should consider what we are giving up if we change who we are and how we operate to please a minority.

    Posted by: R34llyAla
  • Religion continues to be a vital role for modern societies.

    Religion may play its most vital role yet in the modern age . As we as a species move farther apart from each other in diversity and the isolation that our technology now allows. We conceal ourselves in offices and our homes only reaching out to one another digitally. The one thing that still unites us and brings us together in our real life community's are religious services. Where we still gather as a people and socialize and commune with one another . It grounds us in age old traditions of morality and human relationships.

    Posted by: wackywalrus
  • Survival is of key importance.

    If we do not have different religious beliefs in society how will we learn new things, new languages, cultures, foods, clothing, ways others do that we don't know yet? Yes, religion plays a vital role in society and especially now. It is 2013 and this world is out of control. People need religion to come and comfort because that's what we will run back to when we lose our ways, our religion. Religion will make or break us. People say it will come to an end but they don't know religion just becomes more strong every single day.

  • Religion does play a major role because it's usually the moral foundation of society.

    You can learn a lot about a society by its' religion. American society is largely built on a Protestant work ethic, so we tend to view work as moral and vital to our health. A place like Japan has Shinto, which values their elders and is more neutral in some aspects. Religion still plays a vital role, whether it is acknowledged or not.

    Posted by: HumdrumMilo83
  • Yes, it gives us meaning and purpose.

    Religion is so important in modern societies because we live in such a hopeless world. People are constantly losing their value and purpose in life. This is seen through the increased rate of suicides. Religion is a way of uplifting many, giving them something to look forward to in life. Therefore, religion is vital in giving meaning and purpose to the lives of many.

  • Yes it does

    Religion is vital; too vital. To be honest, there is no further use for religion in modern society. Because of this, I honestly doubt upon the needs of the modern civillization to be in contact with religious debates. However, religion has, like it or not, become a critical part of the modern government. As much as I would like to rip it out, the foolish pschopathic cultists would likely ruin the society at hand. On the other hand, though, there is no further use for religion, as previously stated. It could only be considered as a useful ethics code in the past - no longer is such a thing necessary, as there is a clear social development code amongst children and teens. On the other hand, we also no longer nee

  • Religion is vital; too vital.

    To be honest, there is no further use for religion in modern society. because of this, I honestly doubt upon the needs of the modern civillization to be in contact with religious debates. However, religion has, like it or not, become a critical part of the modern government. As much as I would like to rip it out, the foolish pschopathic cultists would likely ruin the society at hand.
    On the other hand, though, there is no further use for religion, as previously stated. It could only be considered as a useful ethics code in the past - no longer is such a thing necessary, as there is a clear social development code amongst children and teens. On the other hand, we also no longer need religion to explain things; we have science.
    Myths are uneccesary - merely distractions. The average Christian spends eight hours a week in Church. Furthermore, they donate roughly 5 to 10% of their salaries to the Church. What does the Church do with this money? Give it to the priests and use it to fund anti-gay movements, of course.
    Religion shouldn't exist, but it does, so we should deal with it and work to get rid of it.

  • The role of religion in the United States

    I think that both the existence of modern and religious aspects in the United States, and the clear contradiction, can be accounted for by looking at the many links between the two.
    The link that I feel connects both factors is the Protestant work ethic. With around half of the American population belonging to the Protestant religion, it isn’t surprising if the traditions and values of that religion surface into modern, everyday life. The Protestant work ethic is very ambitious and to work hard to succeed, these values link very much to the ‘American Dream’ which is surrounded by prosperity and success and is still a symbol of America even in modern times. I feel that these aspects of religion and modern work ethic blend very well together and therefore can account for the contradiction.
    Another way religion is linked to modern society in America is politics. Many of the issues and values politicians have brought up are in fact linked to religion. For example, the issues surrounding Mitt Romney and the extent in which he would allow abortion, and his opposition to gay marriage, both linking to religion. A well known quote made by many presidents is ‘God Bless America’, highlighting the importance of religion in American life. The fact that both religion and politics are both very popular within America, shows that both aspects can co-exist within each other and accounts for the contradiction between religion and the modern world of politics.
    Religion can also find its way into social aspects of modern life in the United States. A sense of community can be magnified by the church which is seen by many as a centre point of their community which brings people together. There are many social events surrounding the church such as holidays and charity events. With religion being such a key part in many Americans lives, it is easily blended into modern life and social communities. The church and its religion can also act as a moral government for many communities in which they have moral guidance in how to go about their everyday life within their modern nation.
    All of these links could account for the contradiction between religion and modern society, although both are very different, they are both very important in the United States and therefore can be blended together to create a balance between the two.

  • Religion has caused most wars.

    We see in the likes of Syria, Palestine and Isreal, and many other countries that these wars are either fought over Land or Religions; sometimes both. This is just a general fact of life. If we look at it from more perspectives, we will see that most faiths have the same policies or ideals, the idea of one God etc so we have no reason to fight. Plus certain Catholic priests have been known to take advantage of their position so that they can then take advantage of young children. I have personally lost faith in humanity, as if there was a God, why haven't these things been stopped? Why haven't people who deserve to be punished and have escaped the justice system been punished fully? If these things stop I may be tempted to click YES instead, but in the meantime I shall stand my ground.

  • Science, not religion, has benefited us in numerous ways.

    The world as we know it would not exist without the miracle of science. Some may remain skeptics but science makes breakthroughs at light speed (no pun intended). The mainstay of humans today depends on science, medical and technological discoveries. From artificial organs to the iPod you have plugged in your ears, science benefits us every day, we just don't realize it. From the need to light up a dark area we have moved from fire to Thomas Edison's light bulb, from needing transportation we've come from the wheel to the car you drove today. It would be absurd to say that science has not benefited mankind. Science can bring peace and make war. Einstein’s famous E=MC2 formula was used for the atomic bomb which ended World War 2. Scientific research truly shows the extent to which mankind has developed and will continue to do so.

  • With our current human rights laws, there is no longer a need for religion to be the basis of moral code.

    The problem with religion in our current society is most of the sets of morals are archaic and unnecessary compared to the morals and ethics of today. Today, we do not marry to procreate - the main reason for marriage is love. We also agree that people of the same sex can and do love each other. This concept conflicts with what is stated in religious texts, and has caused a halt to change and the evolution of our society.

    The law, which was previously based on the religious moral code of whatever leading religion the society supported at the time, is slowly being reformed to support the new age values. In the near future, the law will be completely independent from religious morals and ethics.

    There is also a rise in people who do not have religion or any sort of faith, who base their morals on their own judgement as opposed to the moral codes of religion. This is possible in our society with the constraints of the legal system to ensure there is control, and the human rights laws that have highlighted what is acceptable, and what our rights and responsibilities are as a whole.

  • In today's society, religion has been playing a smaller role, due to people's focus on more worldly matters.

    Throughout the world, society has been undergoing secularization. Compared to the world fifty years ago, almost all countries have seen a decrease in the importance of religion. People used to focus on religion as their answer to the world. Today, the spread of information and ideas have taken over religion's place in society. It's extraordinarily easy to look up any question and have it answered. It's easier now to be atheist or agnostic than at any other time in the world. The countries who have progressed the most usually experience this secularization, while those still developing are usually the most religious. However, since it is every country's goal to modernize, inevitably, they too will focus less on religion.

    Posted by: FiveJasper49
  • Religion does not play a vital role in modern society, because the minority of atheism has taken center stage.

    There was once a time when religion was vital to daily life. However, that time is long gone. In the modern society, religion has been replaced with liberal ideas of freedom of "expression" that ask for little in the way of acting morally. It is a dangerous path to get further from religion, and one can only hope future societies begin to embrace it again.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
  • No religion has caused more problems than it has solved, because you do not need a god or gods to tell you stealing is wrong.

    For as long as there has been organized religion, there have been problems. Even within the same religion, separate sects will spring up and ask you to shun or hate the others. What little moral benefit that is gained by having religion can just as easily be gained from watching some Saturday morning cartoons. A "moral of the story" message from a cartoon dog is just as meaningful from a thousand-year-old book.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • I do not believe that religion plays a vital role in society. If anything, I believe that religion separates sectors of society throughout the world, leaving us with violence and controversy.

    I believe that religion has served to separate people based upon beliefs. Society may actually benefit from a more free-thinking way of living, turning religion into more of a spiritual way of thinking. We have faced controversy throughout the world based upon religious beliefs for decades. Therefore, I believe that religion does not have a vital role in modern society.

    Posted by: CortezM
  • I feel that religion plays no vital role in modern society; morals can be taught without god involved.

    Moral ways of living are the only good things that religion can provide, but you don't need religion to teach these things. Every human, of sound mind, knows right from wrong without needing to be told. It's our only useful, surviving instinct. We shouldn't need "books from god" to teach us these things. I am baffled as to why human beings seem to need god in order to know what is right and wrong. More conflict than compassion is taught by the three major religions of the world because they all believe their god to be the only true god. This creates unnecessary division, hostility, and teaches intolerance, none of which are useful in modern society.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • I don't think religion is vital or even desirable in modern societies.

    I don't think religion is vital in modern society. In the past it may have provided a salve for the poor and disenfranchised. Currently, organized religion is used to extract money from the poorest peoples to makes churches rich and to promote the continued inequality between men and women through religious laws.

    Posted by: 5hiy4SaIem
  • Religion has a tendency to ignore reality based findings and thus is a hindrance to the progress of modern societies.

    Religion may play a role in morality but it plays a bigger role in causing scientific and reality-based finding to be suppressed in favor of ideas that support church doctrine. This should not be the major influence on the direction of modern societies and cultures. We need fact-based programs and policies, not ones based on a particular religion's dogma.

    Posted by: 54IInferno

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