Does religion produce more violence, immorality and bigotry than any other group?

Asked by: missmedic
  • Yes, I have been through it myself.

    Slurs of a dead homosexual soldier from a church. "God hates fags". This is just one example. I have been through a shocking experience as well. I believe in unitarianism, where the theology ranges widely. We believe every religion has something to offer and are big in social working. However, I was in 7th grade. Yes, 7th. We were talking about religion in a history class. After finishing a work sheet, I was talking to this girl beside me. She asked if I was Christian. I said no. She asked in horror if I have ever been baptized. I said no. She said I was going to go to hell.
    I am an open minded person. My dad is catholic. I am being raised so I can have my own views not influenced from my parents.
    Sure this is not really violence, but it did cause conflict. I have had countless arguments about religion. Not about the beliefs, but where crossing the line is. I believe everyone should have their own views and should have the right to believe in anything they wish. However, religion should be practiced within that group, and should not frown upon anyone who is not that religion. When others are hurt and looked down upon who do not believe that religion, that is a problem and that is where it crosses the line.
    When there is a world where religions do not fight or look down on non believers, this world will be peaceful. But we know that will never happen.

  • Statistics support the yes answer

    Faith encourages ignorance rather than responsible behavior.All believers learn that God holds them responsible for their actions. So far so good, but for many, belief absolves them of all other responsibilities. Consciously or subconsciously, those who are "born again" or "chosen" have diminished respect for others who do not share their sect or their faith. Convinced that only the Bible offers "truth", they lose their intellectual curiosity and their ability to reason. Their priority becomes not the world they live in but themselves. All this information points to a strong correlation between faith and antisocial behavior -- a correlation so strong that there is good reason to suppose that religious belief does more harm than good.
    Top of the class, in both atheism and good behavior, come the Japanese. Over eighty percent accept evolution and fewer than ten percent are certain that God exists. Despite its size – over a hundred million people – Japan is one of the least crime-prone countries in the world. Next in line are the Norwegians, British, Germans and Dutch. At least sixty percent accept evolution as a fact and fewer than one in three are convinced that there is a deity. Homicide rates are also low -- around 1-2 victims per 100,000 people a year. At the other end of the scale comes America. Over 50 percent of Americans believe in God, and only 40 percent accept some form of evolution (many believe it had a helping hand from the Deity). The U.S. has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy and homicide rates are at least five times greater than in Europe and ten times higher than in Japan. All this information points to a strong correlation between faith and antisocial behavior -- a correlation so strong that there is good reason to suppose that religious belief does more harm than good. At first glance that is a preposterous suggestion, given that religions preach non-violence and intimate restraint. However, close inspection reveals a different story. Faith tends to weaken rather than strengthen people’s ability to participate in society. That makes it less likely they will respect social customs and laws. If we want people to behave as Christians advocate, you should tell them that God does not exist. Question everything and thanks for reading have a nice day.

  • Conservatism cause all these.

    Religion is supposed to bring people closer but at the same time it seperates them from other. Believing in something motivates you, but people get obsessed and become fanatics with this. That's how conflicts start between christians, muslims, budists etc. I think people are to blame for all the immoralities because I don't think that Muhammad hated Jesus. Muslims ideology is to kill whoever disbelieved while Jesus believed in free will but still they are all homophobics. However I can't deny that religion produce more of the stuff you mentioned than any other group.

  • Unfortunately it does

    Religion seems to do nothing but divide people further (as if there aren't already enough barriers between people). Some people even insist that their "freedom of religion" is more important that the individual rights of other human beings. Religion has been the cause of many wars, all because they each believe that their version is the right one or over some "holy land". As an atheist, I don't believe any of them are right, and religion is not necessary for morality. Some religions are peaceful in essence, but it's followers choose to use it in a way that would abhor anybody with any humanity. In conclusion, its not at all necessary, and I think that mankind would be better off without it.

  • Religion promotes zealousness, which leads to extremes in behavior.

    Religion requires "true" believers to bring passion to their faith. It is designed to attract zealots. Those who are particularly passionate about anything are more likely to demonstrate extreme behavior. Unfortunately, when it comes to religion, this type of extreme behavior can include violence, immorality, and bigotry among other things.

  • Yes, religion does endorse more violence, immorality, and bigotry.

    It does not take much to find a horrible and immoral verse in religious text. Today we have an excess of hate towards homosexuals because of religion. Religions like Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, and Islam all condemn homosexual activity which is the roots toward hate. Also, look at the civil wars in the middle east between the different branches of the muslim people. There are Christian and Muslim attacks throughout Africa as well.

  • White people have produced more violence, collectively, than religion

    Sure, religion has been the basis of MANY wars in our history. But it's not the fault of the faith---it's the fault of the people. Ignorance isn't limited to religion. I am a "born again" Christian. This means that, in my case, I used to be Catholic. I didn't like the things they taught, so I was baptized in a non-denominational church. I am an open-minded person who supports many things the classic "Christian" despises. It's not my place to judge---it's God's. This belief does NOT absolve me of all my sins. You have to truly, TRULY, be remorseful if you want to be forgiven. Simply saying your 6 Hail Mary's without emotion isn't going to help your sorry a$$. The Bible is not the end all be all word of God. It was written by humans. It was interpreted by humans.

    Back on topic. Yes religion has caused many wars and violence. But even if every single person on this planet was atheist, it's ridiculous to think we wouldn't have war. We are human. We want to control. We want to be right. Unfortunately, religion is the #1 thing we all want to be right in.
    I stand by my statement that white people have caused the most strife, overall, in human history.

  • No, It is a misunderstanding of the followers

    What produces more violence, immorality, and bigotry is actually followers of any religion (take Christianity) sinning. As a Christian myself, I am horrified by fellow believers who post signs saying "God hates fags." or any bombing that my happen in 'Gods name'. It is extremely saddening to hear these things. So is it religion? No, it is people doing exactly what their religion says not to do. Feelings of pride and superiority by having the right way of life can lead people to bigotry and hate toward any who do not feel the same. The same problem causes violence. Me personally, I never say that someone is going to hell or heaven because how would I know? That is God's decision, not mine. While I may disagree with things like homosexuality, it surely does not mean I hate you. Quite the opposite. I want you to come to see things my way because I care and that the style is sinful because it is dangerous! But that is not this discussion. And does religion lead to unconscious ignorance? I will have to disagree. Ever since I became a Christian I have become interested in everything under the sun from geometry to biology to theology to philosophy. I have learned much. Anyone who says that someone is going to hell or is just boisterous about their faith is actually just not mature in their faith. The goal of religion and God is peace and humility, is it not? Therefore they are not mature. So the problem is not religion but hypocrisy.

  • No. It's just a convenient scapegoat for people who are not religous.

    Evil human tendencies have their way of getting into everything. No doubt religous people are blaming the worlds problems on aithiests, but the fact is every group has been guilty of terrible things in the past and will continue to do so as long as we are at each other's throats.

  • For several reasons.

    I cannot say that there is no secular or religiously unaffiliated group that produces more hatred and bigotry and violence. And, I do not believe that religion causes immorality and bigotry and violence. This is caused by human nature. I will agree that religion plays a big factor in this bigotry and violence impacting society, by justifying it, and grouping together people politically who agree on the topic, but it does not produce these tendencies.

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