• Christianity actually does

    I think this bible quote says it all “This is what the Lord Almighty says... ‘Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.’” (1 Samuel 15:3)

  • It doesn't help.

    You see all these people who are doing the bad things got the idea from these holy books, no argument there, right? These holy books are full of hate and contradictory verses. Some might say that people don't know what they are reading, misinterpreting things. Why would God write something for his very worshipers that they would misinterpret things? Why wouldn't he write it in such a way that holds true forever and means the same thing forever.
    These holy books are man made books and that's why they are full of controversy and hate and then terrorism.

  • All religions at least passively endorse violence

    All religions preach that they and they alone are the RIGHT religion and that all others are therefore wrong and sinful. They all look to expand their congregations sects cults etc and when they come up against another belief, violence is bound to follow! The Christians are at the moment claim to be peaceful after centuries of violent crusades and wars.....A claim that is a little hard to uphold. They are probably the best for freedom of choice and expression, but this is largely due to their repetitively low political profile. There is a real push to increase their power again, notably in the US and eastern Europe
    The violent suppression of the believers of other faiths is shown throughout history and continues unabated today. I do think that most religious people are peaceful, but despite their cries outrage whenever an act of terror rips through a section of society opposed to their view, a small part of them still believes that the incident can be avoided only if THEIR faith is held as right. If they really want to stop the carnage ....No matter what the faith or religion ....THEY NEED TO STAND UP AND STOP IT
    How often do we hear " we condemn this act of terror ......But if.....
    Always with the constant tit for tat mud slinging and the pious ..We just want to help ..Or god says we have to do this ...BOLLOCKS
    Some HUMAN with HUMAN greed ,desires and power lust said those things.

  • In some ways yes.

    It's the extremist jewish settlers in Israel that blow up Palestinian mosques, beat Palestinians, kill Palestinians and harass Palestinians. It's the crazy Christians in America that blow up abortion clinics and mosques and shoot up Sikh temples. It's the crazy Muslims who hate America because of our military presence on sacred ground. Religion encourages good but it also encourages bad.

  • No, Radicalism does, though.

    Christianity is a religion centered on love. There is no where in the Bible that hurting another is encouraged. Islam, as a whole is not a violent religion either . In general, Muslims are peaceful and wish no harm upon anyone. However, there are some "Christians" who , somehow, misinterpret the Bible and come to thing they are better than others. In the Old Testament there is an abundance of war waged against others, but never in the New. Some may read this and think that, they too, should strike down their enemies... This is radicalism, not religion.

  • Religion promotes a time of peace

    I do not believe that religion promotes terrorism. Those who associate a particular religion with terrorism are on the fringe of the religion and are not adamant followers of the religion. Most, if not all, religions are meant to bring out some time of peace. Promoting terrorism through religion would be contradictory and very few followers would want to associate terrorism with his or her religion.

  • No, religion doesn't promote terrorism.

    No, religion doesn't promote terrorism. First, we have to decide what we are talking about when we mention religion. If we are talking about mere religion that is focused on man and his philosophy of how he can make it to God by his own merit, then we can say yes some religions like that do promote terrorism. Some religions are radical and they claim that God wants them to murder innocent people. On the other hand, true religion in Christianity which reveals that no man can make it to God on his own or by any of his deeds good or bad but only through the forgiveness of Christ, then the answer would be no. Christianity is a religion and is the only true religion. This religion does not promote terrorism, yet it will be looked at as terrorism because there are some things that the law will try to enforce that Christians cannot follow simply because it does not honor God. True Christians don't need to fight physically, but will be persecuted. True Christians will stand up for righteousness, even when the law says that it is wrong. True Christians will speak out against evil such as murder, homosexuality, abortion, and other sins. This is looked at as terrorism, but if we were going by the right standards then it wouldn't.

  • It Doesn't At All

    Religion does not promote terrorism. There are millions of religious people who are not involved in terrorist groups or acts. Many of them are actually against terrorism and speak strongly against it and those who are part of terrorist groups. Terrorist are separate from religious people for the most part and the two are not related.

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