• Yes, but it can and sometimes does go too far with its rules regarding children, teens and adults alike.

    Religion has both its good and bad points. There are times when religion can be comforting, and other times when it's too constricting, because it can at least border on forbidding children to associate with anybody except for "their own kind". Also, as certain global conflicts and history indicate, religion also has a very dangerous side to it; it can breed intolerance, prejudice and even sectarian violence, as well.

    Posted by: mplo
  • Yes, religion uses the naivete of children at their advantage and often places ridiculous rules on these powerless children .

    Children are born into a religion and are born into a religion and will have no choice to practice it. Subsequently they will have to follow often stupid rules without being allowed to questioned them. Children should never be imposed any religion and should be allowed to make their own choices once older.

  • Child marriage is wrong.

    Religion does sometimes go too far with its rules regarding children. The religions that tout child marriages are mostly at fault with this. Having children betrothed is a big societal mistake because kids should not be making large decisions like this. They do not have fully developed minds that enable them to understand the consequences of marriage.

  • Extremism breeds extreme rules.

    Yes, religion sometimes goes too far with its rules, including those rules that regard children. The problem with religion, from the perspective of someone who does not practice it, is that by nature it's designed to be run by its most extreme devotees. That, in turn, leads to some extreme rules.

  • It often does

    Religion and, more importantly, religious tradition, do provide parents with a solid framework for parents to raise children sometimes, but other times, it goes too far. When people take people take things too literally and do so in the framework of religion, it ultimately can lead to intense long term damage.

  • All their beliefs

    No, I do not think that religion goes to far with their children, and it is up to them what they want to believe in and how they run their faith. If someone in a certain religion does not like the rules, they can always stop practicing the religion in question.

  • Religion and our kids

    I do not think that religion has gone too far with how we should raise and treat children. There are some radical groups out there, that do take it to the extreme, but they are the minority. I think we still hold to the same values that are always taught.

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