• A Conservative Party?

    Republicans ARE conservative! I sincerely doubt that this group believes in ideals of both parties! I saw Conservative on ballot and thought and still do.. Worse then Republicans! Very very very Right Winged! There should be 3 parties that you should be able to label yourself as..Dem, Rep & Independent. All else is BS

  • Republican doesn't equal conservative but they're closely correlated

    Whilst being a Republican doesn't necessarily equate to being conservative (as demonstrated by prey71) it is fair to say that the Republican Party adopts conservative positions on most issues. Additionally, the demographics which tend to vote Republican are also those which hold conservative views in comparison to the general population.

  • Republicans are very traditional.

    Both the Democrats and Republicans are conservatives, but i think Republicans lean more towards it. And I can say that because Republicans have more conservative views such as keeping jobs in America and things at that nature. On the other hand Democrats are more worried about foriegn policies and things at that nature. So i believe Republicans lean more toward conservative.

  • Yes, generally the terms Republican and conservative go hand-in-hand

    The overwhelming majority of people in the Republican Party tend to have conservative ideals and promote conservative policy. While all Republicans are not conservative with all issues, they generally have conservative views on most things. Conversely, Democrats are usually labeled as liberals, which is the opposite end of the political spectrum than conservatives.

  • Socially or fiscally?

    Socially, I would say yes because of their historic traditional religious fundamentalism. Fiscally they are more liberal then democrats, take a look at the deficits left by former presidents. They love to spend more than we have. Time to vote 3rd party exclusively. Vote both parties out of government offices!

  • It used to be that way

    In the past, it wouldn't have been unreasonable to describe Republicans as conservatives since the vast majority of individuals within the Republican party held conservative views on many issues-- whether those issues were of a political, fiscal or social nature, and many Republican candidates drew much of their support from a solid base of staunch conservative voters.

    Nowadays, traditional conservatism has been attacked and labeled as a hateful and bigoted ideology by its ideological opponents who have succeeded in shaming its supporters, driving it off college campuses, and banishing it from public life while pushing various modern day counterparts to take its place, many of which promote new-age type lifestyles which are often vastly at odds with traditional conservative values.

    With fewer and fewer people being exposed to it during their formative years, traditional conservatism has failed to take root within the current generation resulting in fewer and fewer people leading traditionally conservative lifestyles. Becoming less popular socially has inevitably meant becoming less popular politically also. Since winning elections is about numbers, and since the number of conservative voters has fallen, politicians, both Democratic AND Republican, can no longer rely on conservative voters to win elections anymore, so they have stopped courting them. You can add to this, the fact that many Republicans within today's Republican party are more loyal to their donors and lobbyists than they are to conservatism.

    This would explain the lack of an underlying conservative voice within the modern day Republican party, a voice which has traditionally acted as a unifying and solidifying force enabling the party to project a strong and consistent conservative message and which prevented the party from becoming politically fractured and unstable. They've allowed too many people with conflicting social and political views to set up shop under the Republican party tent, so now it's hard to know what the Republican party stands for any more.

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  • Conservatives v. Republicans

    In my experience, conservatives were their own party representing what I termed the extreme right. Having said that most members of the Conservative Party in our area, in past years, were just dissatisfied Republicans or wanted a small party so no one would bother them. Their views were not extreme on an individual basis. The current Republican Party, with ideals that will not be compromised and stances on issues, which are "the country be damned," we will do it our way, is not my Republican Party. We all live it daily, even down to small governments where conservatives, now so called Republicans, desire to sit on boards and make decisions the directly affect people on a daily and personal basis.

  • Republican can be progressive

    I look at the politics of someone like Teddy Roosevelt. His policies during presidency as well as his agendas prior were forward thinking. The perception of conservatism in today's politics is that of a group looking to the past when "America was great". Yet, Republicans historically have been a group of forward thinker. The resent history of Reagan and Bush 1's ending Soviet style communism, Eisenhower's Civil Rights Act of 1957, and Teddy Roosevelt's Panama Canal all moved their world forward. This is the type of Republicanism I think of. Progressive Republicanism.

  • NYS Voter Registration Form (Box 14)

    They are listed as two separate parties... Which of the current candidates are which? Does the average voter know? NO, I don't believe that they do. Do you know? The entire election process is a mystery to many people. It is possibly less of a mystery to young voters since they may have had lessons/discussions in school more recently than most.

  • What a Republican really is

    A Republican is someone that supports the ideals of a Republic. A Republic is when people elect representatives for a central government and that government is restricted by both law. In better Republics the government fears the people. In a republican society the government understands that it's power comes from the people and that the people can take it away. Democracy is when a mob rules the country and if you don't support that majority you will lose everything. Democracy was also used to elect Spartan kings.

  • Here is the reason the answer is no

    Conservatives believe for the most part that some of each party has good ideologies. However they dont agree wholeheartedly with any party or its movement. This also means most conservatives dont hold the same ideals. Some believe in open borders some dont some believe in the right to choose though most do not.

  • Republican does NOT equal Conservative

    Republican is NOT the same thing as conservative. Conservative is a certain way of thinking, such as a belief in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defense. Conservative beliefs on the role of government are that government should be here to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. Conservative policies generally emphasize empowerment of the individual to solve problems by themselves. The Republicans are a political party. Famous examples of Republicans are: Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush.*

    *DISCALMER: Parts of this article have been used from

  • Not even close

    I'm a registered republican, in my late 40's, and have been a registered Republican for years. I haven't stepped foot in a church for 20-plus years. I'm pro-choice. I'm pro-gay marriage. And I can't stand the Tea Partiers. I also can't stand people making assumptions about all Republicans that are complete off the mark.

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