• Yes, but it is purely racism

    I can list many examples of blatant hate crimes being committed against whites by blacks but these story are confined to local media and are never picked up by the national media except in the case of the college student from Australia or the WWII vet beaten to death. It goes without saying that it exists.

  • Yes is certainly does!

    Reverse racism exists in canada in the bigger cities. I experience it almost daily. I am a white woman who lives in a city that has alot of different minorities new to canada Alot of minorities tend to be stuck in their homelands culture and dont take on our culture. The most racist seem to be some of the african women who have a big attitude, are demanding, superficial and showoffs. They seem to be very jealous of white women especially pretty ones.

  • Yes It Does!

    Anyone who's white certainly has been discriminated when African Americans are only being hired because they are African Americans. It's called Affirmative Action. We shouldn't feel bad for a race just because of what happened in the past. People should be treated equally whether they are Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, or anything in between.

  • It does, but it's just racism.

    I live in Peru, and Lima (the capital) is extremely racist. People with darker skin with more indigenous characteristics are discriminated against by people with lighter skin and more european characteristics, and vice-versa. If you're in the latter category you might get charged more in cabs, kiosks, informal public transport, etc regardless of how much money you actually have, you will get catcalled more often if you are a woman, and you are much more likely to get mugged or experience hostility.

    If you are in the former, social inclusion in the upper class will be more challenging (and by extension getting into country clubs or beach clubs), jobs are harder to get, and traditional 'white' (not actually white, we're all latinos) people will diminish you.

    Hell, there's even racism between indigenous people themselves in the city. The term 'cholo' (similar to the n-word, but not as controversial) is thrown around a lot by people who are part of a second generation of immigrants towards people who are newer to the city from the countryside despite their origins being the same.

    But I'm gettig sidetracked. If you look white or are a white tourist you will be discriminated against whether or not you are privileged. Not all places are like the US, were racism to minorities is far more violent than when it is directed to more privileged people.

  • Depends On The Definition

    I would say a black person killing a white person because of his race is just as culpable as a white person killing a black person because of his race. And it should be condemned to stop farther cases. There are a few trivial definitions of racism which are able to exclude all blacks. However, using those definitions will make 'reverse racism not exist. And it will affirm PoC when PoC unjustly harm whites/the government unjustly discriminates against whites because they are white.

  • The definition of racism.

    I had been wondering why and where all those comments of reverse racism not existing appeared from. And I concluded one thing, the definition of racism doesn't match anymore (of those that we grew up with and those who are against the belief of reverse racism existing). I don't know whether the "newer" definition of racism was to counter this of reverse racism or whether it was a miss understanding on some other part. But the definition that *I* and probably most have been educated with or at least an example has been stated above. It has nothing to do with having the power over another race or whatnot.
    But what I can agree, is that if you do follow that "new" definition of racism that it's indeed very different. The white do have privileges though I'll disagree that we have the power. At least we're not supposed to have any power over another race.

    Posted by: Azu
  • Reverse discrimination happens

    Not a chance in the world that black folks can speak for how white. Folks are sooo privlaged when they have never walked a day in there shies or never will !! Its 2014 Everyone has oppertunity to succeed and be equal no matter skin color !! And white folks have no real idea at all of hiw it feels to walk in black folks shoes ! Both races are great in there own ways ! I have experienced extreme racism/discrimination and poverty in my own white communities and racism against white people who by no means are privlaged ! So for people of color to say that reverse discrimination/racism doesnt exist is an ignorant racist comment in and of itself. !! Same goes for white to judge black that way

  • Affirmative action and all the anti white hate crimes

    All the cases of black people beating up, raping and even killing white people because of their race. Affirmative action. Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, 2 college students who were raped, tortured and killed by 5 blacks because they were white, the recent beatings in Memphis where the black attackers yelled anti white things at their white victims as they beat them in a Kroger

  • The friggin' definition

    Merriam-Webster defines racism as "a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race". This means that racism can be caused by or experienced by anyone, no matter what the socioeconomic situation that one is in.

  • I say yes

    I grew up very poor we lost are home in 2011 and after a few years living with different relatives we ended up in a homeless shelter. Every one there was treated petty much the same horribly. I went to one of the schools in that area and the other kids went to the other school. I was only 12-14 when I lived there and so I got to experience some first hand reverse racism. Like when I was called horrible names because of what school I went to I was shoved down the stared a girl few years older then my self and called a stupid white ass by one adult there. And cussed out by many of the adults and kids. And a many time people have used the slavery card on me did you know that there where white slaves to. Guess what? That's what my family was. My family was taken from Scotland and then soled into slavery and the other side where indentured servant's for about 286 years. Also growing up poor and white does not give you the white privileges it takes them way from you. People treat you like you are the scum of the earth and people tend to treat you the exact why they treat the blacks. Rice white people have the white privileges!!!!!

  • No, reverse racism is fictional

    People up in arms because there isn't a white history month and things of that nature just look ridiculous, to act like being a white person in America is difficult is so absurdly self-centered it makes you pretty not surprised that racism still runs rampant in the country. Reverse racism is not a real thing.

  • No, it's all just racism.

    There's no such thing as reverse racism. Blacks can be racist to whites, whites can be racist to blacks, whites can be racist to hispanics, hispanics can be racist to whites, etc. It's all just being racist. There is no being reversed racist. I'm pretty sure all those yes people are on the wrong side, since they all agree that reverse racism does not exist, and it's all just called racism.

  • THere is no such thing

    In order to be racist, you need to possess two traits. The first is privilege: A structural, institutional, and social advantage. White people occupy positions of racial privilege, even when they are disadvantaged in other ways. Today, we’re still living with the legacies of colonialism: In the United States, the black community is dealing with the aftermath of slavery and the poverty and systemic prejudice it left behind. In many African nations, the collapse of former colonies left governments in shambles and unable to support themselves. In Australia, indigenous people struggle with a high poverty rate and low access to health care.

  • "But Racism affects everyone, including white people."

    Yes, racism affects white people as well...And the grass is green, and the sky is blue. But that doesn't mean that it effects everyone equally, especially considering that on a social, economic, and political scale, blacks are on the bottom. The notion that white people are the victims and blacks have it easy because of "affirmative action" (in which blacks get the short end all the time nationwide, but you never see white people complain then....) is the most ignorant notion I've ever seen. Here's a thought: Research institutional racism and white privilege instead of assuming that the problem is "what happened back then".
    Anyone that thinks that that's what we complain about clearly hasn't been listening and is just part of the problem

  • I didn't get into college I'm gonna blame it on race

    White people, you are not being OPPRESSED.
    Trust me you don't want to know what it feels like. Now you can guess what it feels like to be one of us(people of color). Reading the dictionary definition of racism does not automatically mean you know everything. If you to learn more about racism and actually END IT, then educate yourself and stop complaint and do something

  • Not at all, def not.

    Reverse racism is a made-up word by white people for being prejudiced a few times compared to people of colour who had to go through years and YEARS of torture. It just doesn't go both ways, because they have privilege, unlike people of colour, therefore, it does not exist. Stop.

  • Racism is Racism

    My supporting headline speaks volumes. Racists are racists regardless of height, weight, color, gender, religion, or ANY other factors. The mere assumption that whites are racists, forsaking all others, is an extremely racist, and dangerous pattern of thought. Racism is widespread and knows no boundaries. The word reverse MUST be excluded in all open, intelligent conversations on the topic of racism!

  • Reverse racism destroys the civil rights movement.

    Reverse racism is a word that is destructive and dangerous. It destroys the very essence of the civil rights movement and the purpose of its creation.

    It does this in two ways.

    First, it implies that only one group or that only certain groups are capable of racism. We all know that isn't true. I'm Korean and have had racist remarks from whites, blacks, and even other Koreans. Having a heritage of certain ethnicity doesn't make you more or less susceptible to any kind of prejudice than anyone else.

    Second, it sets a dangerous precedent because reverse racism encourages vengeance seeking because proponents, by accident or design imply that their racism is justified because the "other side" is more racist and therefore "deserve it".

    Was the point of the civil rights movement to make someone pay for racism or was the goal to get rid of racism and unjust prejudice? Hatred is everywhere and in everyone. You want to get rid of it you have to start with yourself first.

    Diversity isn't defined by how many different skin colors and ethnicities you can stuff into one room. It is defined by looking at people one at a time and determining their worth by their personalities, their talents, and their words, their character, most importantly: what they do with all of it.

  • No, any non-poc benefits from racism

    Even if a person not of color is not racist, they are still part of a system that benefits from racism. Its called white privilege. White people benefit from a system that oppresses all minority races whether they identify with that system or not. Discrimination is still alive and well in a lot of parts of the world, especially the united States because the damn country was founded on racism and oppression.

  • It's all racism.

    Regardless of which race it is, if a person or group is being discriminated because of their race it is simply called racism. The term "reverse racism" is racist in itself as it implies that a race is more dominant, and therefore deserves a different term for the same thing. It doesn't matter who is experiencing prejudice and descrimintaion it should be racist.

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TheShamelessTruth says2013-08-25T03:32:45.043
What is reverse racism? How can you be a reverse racist?
jery1569 says2014-03-21T17:18:21.150
It's not reverse racism. Saying that is assuming all racists are white. That's not true. All races have racists.
Dilara says2015-04-04T22:15:08.860
Racism against whites exists. There are 700 anti white crimes a year according to the fbi: