• Yes, but only in a very subjective manner.

    With some few exceptions, such as murder and theft, right and wrong depend on individual context. What's right or wrong for you may not be the same for me. This is one of the many reasons that legislation attempting to regulate morality has been a dismal failure. You can't create pure people with laws.

  • Of course it exists

    In the moral sense, right and wrong are extremely important. Right and wrong are what keep our society from collapsing. It has kept civilization running for thousands of years. It exists not because we created them, but we discovered them somehow. Deeds such as murder and thievery are considered wrong in all cultures, while virtues such as obedience and love are considered good. Morality is universal, and therefore we could not have created right and wrong, and then coincidentally found out that every other culture also values the same virtues. Morality is something that has been built in to the human system. Saying that right and wrong does not exist is just an excuse for doing evil things

  • Right & wrong exist...Definitely. We humans have created them to exist for survival purposes.

    In my book, right is what supports & enhances life, the family, society, evolution, Nature and the individual.
    Wrong is what harms & decays life, society, the family, evolution, Nature and the individual.
    As adult human beings, we have the intelligence and conscious free-will to seperate & choose right from wrong in the above context. Unfortunately, we also have the potential to ignore right and wrong in the above context...And often do in practice. When that happens, we expediently pretend there is no right and wrong.

  • My opinion is stronger than yours!

    Right and wrong exist. People have differing opinions about lots of subjects. These differing opinions allow for a correct, more correct, and wrong answers. I can look to a court case where a judge is forced to make a decision whether somebody is innocent of guilty. When he makes the decision there are lots of considerations. He takes into account motive or intent and looks to other clues to align the story/scenario so that it makes the most sense for all parties involved. When it the most logical story is found he can determine who is right and who is wrong. This is a very difficult job!

    Posted by: DPL
  • Morals and society

    Right and wrong do exist. They exist in you. All right and wrong things are based on your morals and beliefs. It is what upholds all of society and humanity. If you prove a wrong to be right you change a lot. Right and wrong is based on history, experiences, and decisions.

  • We have created them.

    This is a very vague question. I would argue that right and wrong exist because we created them. This is directly related to asking if morality exists. It doesn't in the way that there is not physical form of morality, because morality is an idea. So this all depends on whether or not you believe ideas exist. I believe they do.

  • Yes, I think it does

    I think of right and wrong more as feelings. If something feels bad, then you shouldn't be doing it, so that would mean it is wrong. If something feels good, then that would mean it is right. Right and wrong also apply to things like math. An answer to a math problem is either correct, right, or incorrect, wrong. Society may have created what right and wrong are, but they certainly exist.

  • Logic doesn't permit them to. They also sound rather childish.

    Suppose there is an omnipotent being, or that there isn't. Let's call him God.

    If there is a God:
    Wrong cannot possibly exist because it is, by definition, against God's interests for existence. If he does not mind its existence - ESPECIALLY if it serves a purpose - then "wrong" actions are merely another cog in the wheel, so to speak, and "wrong" has no meaning because it is a productive part of the ultimate plan. If he does mind its existence, he would not allow it to exist, and wrong would therefore not exist - in fact, it never would have.
    If wrong doesn't exist, all actions are now right - in accordance with God, in other words. However, the very concept of right only has meaning if it's in a dichotomy with something else - wrong, for instance. Therefore, right is meaningless.

    If there is no God:
    Right and wrong automatically have no meaning because there is no being with the power to enforce them, in such a way that they became an irrevocable part of the natural order.
    We are thus left with nothing but subjective morality. However, subjectivity, in and of itself, allows for no more value to one opinion than another, due to its nature as non-cohesive with objectivity. Therefore, subjective right and wrong have no meaning.

    And, on a side note:
    Doesn't a dichotomy like right and wrong just sound rather childish when you think about it? Some things you just do and some things you just don't, simply because? Occam's Razor is a very stupid move to make when philosophically judging the nature of existence itself, so why would anyone? Because it's easier. Because they're used to it. Because they haven't thought things through.
    And, of course, because people trust their instincts. It doesn't seem to occur to many people that instincts do their best, not necessarily THE best.

  • It simply doesn't exist

    Right and wrong are merely practical rules that society has created because without them, society would quickly crumble. This doesn't mean they actually have any truth to them, only that they are wise and practical solutions to problems most of us desire fixed. Belief in tapu, or the polynesian word for uncleanliness, rather than morality, accomplishes the same purpose.

  • No they don't.

    Wright or wrong don't exist it doesn't matter what way you go you're going somewhere and thats all that matters you i and the entire world know that it is true that there are no wright or wrong questions, answers, or opinions, so all of you out there that say ooooo you're wrong think of my opinion in you're head.

    Posted by: y0y0
  • No it doesn't.

    There is no right or wrong it all depends on our own morals. Like I like to smoke weed, but because of society today they built into the minds of today that this is a wrong and bad act to society but to me it is a personal choice and there is nothing wrong to it. It's all about own personal choice and practices which how you would determine something from wrong don't judge because it's not normal to you. It's like culture around the world. In what one culture would do, what they do is normal but to other it's different. So don't judge, right and wrong doesn't exist

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