• Yes

    I believe it exists in the culture we have created as humans. You would have to exist on a completely neutral plane, being neither immoral or moral, to really be exluded from the proception of right and wrong. We all know that if violence without cause is wrong. That is why we as humans can coexist. I think people focus to much on generalizing ideals of morality. Like bgold1212 saying "is killing really wrong". it isn't the act of killing that is wrong but the reason behind it. If I shoot someone only because I dont like them , I'm wrong. If you threaten my or anyone of my loved ones lives, I would say killing him would be the moral thing to do.

  • Yes

    Despite the customs and traditions of a society, there truly are do's and dont's. If we were to live by the idea that all the rights and wrongs were subjective then there would be no order, kindness, or community.
    Man is self-centered, we will always do what is best for us, it is in our nature. Without an established, majority idea of ethics then murder, genocide, hate, and evil-shallownesss is justified. Hitler would have been normal in that he just did what he wanted and in his eyes he was right, was he? No, he was wrong.
    Of course some people don't share ideas of right and wrong but collectively there is a right way to live and treat people, and there is definitely a wrong.

  • At The Personal Level

    Of course right and wrong truly exists. It is easy to see that in the case of any individual person they have their own ideas of what kind of actions can be considered "wrong" vs "right". But what would define an absolute? Some actions are obvious to a large majority of people whether they are wrong or right, usually if they are pretty small actions (for example, I don't think anyone would consider violently shaking a baby as a "right" action). If like 99% of people agree an action is wrong or right, that is enough in my book.

  • After a Point, Yes

    I believe after a point, right and wrong does exist. For example if someone likes to steal, and he never gets caught, he would not consider it wrong. But when someone steals him back, he wouldn't really like it. What I'm trying to say is that up to a point no right or wrong exists but after that point where laws are created so things don't get chaotic, right or wrong will exist.

    Just to justify this, I'm always talking for materialistic factors and not personal beliefs and emotions. Eg. I do not believe in being right or wrong if someone is gay etc.

  • If people don't like crime, then why do people say there is no wrong and no right?

    I have heard the argument all my life from people that there is no wrong and no right. I have thought about this for a very long time. Consider, why do we have criminal psychology? Is it moral or ethical to lie to someone? If you lie on an application then do you deserve the job you applied for? Employers don't like being lied to therefore, lying is wrong. Lets take it a step further, If someone breaks into your home, overpowers you, then rapes and murders your family in front of you, Then steals your belongings, can you seriously say that it was right for them to commit such a horrific crime against you and your family? Of course not.

  • Ummm YES with facts to back it!

    Even tho matters of "right and wrong" is subject to opinion. There is one undeniable fact and that is the overall human species favors one ideology over many many more. Our past history paint a very nice picture. Humans as a species has always been a species that favors community and in order to have a functional Community to pull together thoughts ideas & strengths there has to be an overall consensus of right and wrong which with natural selection and evolution has instilled and hard-wired the answer to what right and what's wrong. Obviously every factual statement will have it's outliers in this case mental instability brought on by possibly disease genetic malformities or physical injury. Butt the older all growing population of big cities and towns across the world prove that there is a overall knowing of what is right and what is wrong otherwise these big cities of today would have collapsed and died years ago... Sorry about any typos I hate proofreading;)

  • A Child Knows This.

    Right and Wrong Do Exist. 1. Right and Wrong stem from the Truth which is Irrefutable. If Right and Wrong is Relative then we're both correct with out Premise. The Law of Non-Contradiction is clearly stated that A cannot be (not A) at the same time so there has to be a right and wrong. The fact that there is a debate about right and wrong confirms that it does exist. LOL

  • Yes But Hear Me Out

    There are right and wrong but they exist not in the pages of a book (the bible in most cases), they exist in the sense that us as humans know what is OK to do and what not to do for society to progress. Then we teach are kids that doing something that prevents society growth and our own growth as "wrong" or "bad" and what makes society go forth and help us grow as "Good" or "Right". Just something to think about.

  • Good And Evil

    For myself it is an issue of Good and Evil. That which is good is right, that which is evil is wrong. When we do good we are praised, when we do evil we are not praised but shamed. Both have consequences, one positive the other negative. If what we do is illegal the law states what is to be done to us for our crimes. If we do what is legal the law is no threat to us, it's punishments do not concern us. If justice is perverted and we are wrongly accused, we are not guilty though charged as guilty of wrong behavior. Society must have order, therefore it must determine or rule upon what is right or wrong. It has a standard for it's judgments, if it's judgments or standards are unjust, it's laws wrong, they must be changed to what reflect what is right. Human laws change sometimes for the better, sometimes for worse, and the motive often determines it. History is our teacher if we get it right the world is better, if not worse. Should I decide what is right and wrong for all mankind, good or evil? No. Should you? No. Then who? Society which is a consensus of individuals? What if they are wrong or desire that which is evil and impose it on a minority? What a question for one person to answer independently of a superior source or authority. As a Christian, a Disciple of Jesus Christ I look to His teachings for understanding, for a standard to live by. If I get it wrong or am hypocritical someone will be sure to correct what they perceive to be wrong in my words or actions based upon their understanding of right and wrong. I believe the Moral Code of our Creator to be a solid foundation upon which to build with maturing precepts and statutes either made clearer or returned to once to error is perceived and the wrong righted. My thoughts upon it all. :)

  • I would say so.

    If there was no right or wrong what would we have to do with ourselves, we could do whatever we want and be fine with it. Lets say that someone decided to torture someone is this right or wrong. Also it depends on where you stand I would like you to do something "bad" or "wrong" and see how you feel after what you had just did. Now lets go back to the whole torturing idea, to this poor beat up man or woman crying for mercy but heck its not "bad" so you do not give, you keep on torturing. I really want you to say that what you would have just done was not bad. Its exactly like Hitler for goodness sake, he knew exactly what he did, he didn't want to get caught cause he would get killed cause what he did was horrific and he knew it! This is why he and his wife/ mistress killed themselves. Jeffery Dahmer also he ate people cause it wasn't bad he went to jail for it and later in his life when he gave his self to Jesus he knew what he did was bad. I will leave you with this and I want you to do something really "bad" and feel good about it and see if you might get convicted.

  • Only as an opinion.

    There are simple facts to this reality, nothing but light can move at the speed of light, and nothing is faster, anything with mass has gravity, you can't create nor destory energy. Those are the laws of this universe, and even those I feel under certain circumstances can be bent a little, not broken. But as far as human concepts of right and wrong, it's merely an opinion, a widely accepted opinion.

  • Its a personal thing.

    Objectively right and wrong can exist but only in the sense of conforming to a set of rules or law's this goes for just about everything, however there is no objective morality and as such there is no objective "Right or wrong" without conforming to a set of rules
    eg: Stealing in most societies i know of is illegal and when you conform to the rules of this society it becomes objectively wrong but only when conforming to those law's which you don't need to do.

    All in all choose what you believe, in however one piece of advice i will give is that when you or anybody else throws an argument for or against a subject make sure that if you reply you reply with a well founded opinion (ie stating how you got to this opinion and why you stand by it) as more people will likely listen to your opinion.

  • No

    I do not think right and wrong exist's in today's society. I believe everyone is different and believes in their own beliefs. For example some people think it is wrong to be gay and others don't. How are you gonna decide which person has the the right belief. Who is right and who is wrong? We live in a world of beliefs and politics right and wrongs are reserved for the individual.

  • nope

    I don't think anything is intrinsically right or wrong. I think as a society, we have customs, traditions, and values that form our beliefs to determine if something is right or wrong.

    Take for instance killing. Though shalt not kill.
    Is killing truly wrong?
    Are there circumstances (i.e. self defense) where killing is justifiable?
    Every action you take is motivated by a driving force. Who's to judge if that action is wrong? Do whatever the hell you want!

  • Not Really

    No, right and wrong does not truly exist. Right and wrong exist based only on how advanced our society is and our moral perceptions and religious upbringing. Other societies have ideas about right and wrong that are vastly different from ours. There is a very fine line between what is considered right or wrong by many. An argument can be made for any wrong deed. Any act is a physical action based on input. It is our initial perception and values that define an act as right or wrong.

  • Ueicdqomx ivecj icj ed

    Right and wrong only exist when we encounter something that applies to us. If something does not affect us, we have a neutral feeling towards it. We believe what we are taught and therefore what we are taught becomes right. It is only after we believe what we are taught do we question it and then we cannot think of why it would be wrong.

  • In An Objective Sense No, But That Doesn't Mean We Can't Have Rules, Laws, and Judgments

    These are really just expressions of how people feel about things. This doesn't mean that enforcement of rules or the law is wrong, in fact it means the opposite with there being no objective right or wrong. It allows us to approach the construction of a stable society of free individuals with rights on a logical basis instead of a moral basis. Approaching it from a logical standpoint is likely to produce more peace, stability, and harmony than a moral basis because of the inherent subjectivity in morality. We can decide to send for example, murderers and rapists to jail because it's logical to do so for the sake of a stabler and more free society whereas one is entitled to one's moral feelings towards the act but that's not why we're enforcing against it.

  • Yes, & no, Because it depends on which reality your referring to. (Note: There was not a yes AND no option)

    There are two different realities. The reality of social contract/standards & the reality of life itself/the universe.

    (YES) Within in guideline of society. Social standard has its objective ethical reasoning on WHY there is such thing as right & wrong. There are obvious social rules & laws to help people get along & not promote & cause damage to individuals or other things around us. Human beings are still by logic. . Animals. We are not ALL perfect peaceful ALL the time, So we need guidelines to prevent conflict or destruction. Physically & mentally. Which is why SOME morals ARE objective & fall within logical ethics.

    (NO) On the other hand. If you do not care about such things & recognize the objective truth that the day you were born, You had the universal right that every living sentient being has. . . Freewill. In the reality of life itself/the universe, There is actually nothing stopping you from doing whatever the he'll you want. Although there may be consequences that may find you from the other reality, No force of nature keeps you from making up your mind. Not only did you not choose to be born, But you also did not agree to jack sh** either. Just because society or its laws may not agree with you, Your life is YOUR book, & you can write your chapters however you damn well please. Even if it ends in a way that is not preferred by the majority vote, & since religion hasn't demonstratively proven a god or heaven to exist, There is no evidence that the universe has any true set of rules that adopt the notion of right or wrong.

    Therefore, Based on my hypothesis, It is reasonable to claim that there truely is no such thing as right or wrong. Only within social contract, In which homosapians have adopted for ethical reasoning, But as far as we know, Everything isn't about us, So the only TTUE answer. . . . Is no.

  • From physics to philosophy and everything else- if right and wrong existed there would be some objective indication.

    Fundamentally, the processes of the universe and life are unaffected by our perception of choice. Now that doesn't mean we have no choice over our actions, but that self-awareness also doesn't mean we have full control over ourselves and actions we take. In short things are the way they are and we attribute any morality to an action/outcome- we assign the value, it doesn't exist without us there to create and perceive our creation (morality). Perhaps that's the element that is where right and wrong truly exist- because we exist and our fundamental nature is to assign a code of ethics (even no ethics is a code) and values attributed towards actions and behaviour to judge if right or wrong; that is the way in which it cannot be denied they exist. But that still doesn't make it real and my best proof is look at how it's impossible to get a consensus on what constitutues right/wrong. If it were something that truly existed, like water or the stars, we would know it's true nature by now.

  • Just in a mataphysic way

    I would say that right and wrong are not real in the universe, just metaphysic concepts that people use to interpret the world and things that happens in their point of view, but the suffering is real, and just because things don't have values itself doesn't means that somebody will get out killing everybody etc, and if people did this, would be impossible to live in society and we would be solitary animals, like what happens in animals species that can't coexist.

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