• Save Our Children.

    There are currently 31 scientific studies that suggest that copious amounts of Roblox and Anime can cause autism in pre-adolescents and teenagers. It is VITAL for this society, If we are to collectively survive for the next hundred years, To SHUT DOWN ROBLOX, And establish a metaphorical bridge-head that will aid us in the next and more important step; to completely wipe out that degenerate artwork filth known as "Anime. "

    If we fail to solve this societal problem, Our children will grow old never having had children of their own. The only people left will be the ones that like Latino Pop and Rap. Tasteless lot.

  • No but in green

    Lmao imagine actually voting no

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  • Seriously why tho?

    What is so bad with Roblox man? There is like, No positive things for shutting it down. And what will happen to a bunch of jobs? Over 1 billion accounts? Or a big billion-dollar business just suddenly shutting down? It will just be gone. For no good reason at all. Just why man, Does it need to be shut down? -YouTookAnL

  • No i don't think so.

    Imagine you just bought a domino crown yesterday. Suddenly Roblox shuts down. A domino crown costs 6. 5M robux. And i think it's a fun game for young people. Alot of people enjoy it. And i highly disagree that it should shut down. So that why reason why i say no

  • Roblox Is Life

    The people who vote yes on Roblox being shut down don't care about the gaming community. Roblox has attracted millions of young kids from all over the world. Do you really want to tear us all away from the game that got attention now? Because if you do think about voting yes, You better give a darn good reason as to why Roblox is worthy of getting shut down top in the gaming community.

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