Does Rock/Metal/Screamo Music Give a Bad Influence?

Asked by: XionChan
  • Not really, only in circumstance.

    The genres themselves don't give any bad influence, for the most part rock and metal don't portray bad images or influences. Most have very intelligent and complex meaning that show emotion, societal values, and other concepts. However there are some sub-genres like punk/emo that do idolize bad influences such as drugs, alcohol, suicide, etc. But as genres themselves Rock/Metal don't have bad influences. The only reason I'm not saying screamo is because that is where the sub-genres that give these styles bad images are located.

  • It has helped me so much

    I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for a very long time for many different things...Sometimes doctors and therapists could not help. When I felt like they were not helping I would turn on my Screamo/Rock/Metal music and it would take out my frustrations and take my own depressing thoughts away.

  • This music saves lives

    I have many close friends who have just recently have been diagnosed with cancer so that is hard so i turn to music to help me deal with knowing that some of my best friends might die really soon. I havent been to a doctor yet but i might have depression and i have horrible anxiety so this music helps me deal

  • It saved me.

    Going through a hard time, I was depressed and wanted to kill myself. I was introduced to this music from a close friend and it actually helped my attitude and my mental state became more positive. The lyrics in this music are real, they dont sugar coat. The artists are people just like me, going through real life problems. It helped me sleep, helped me deal. I am thankful for this music.

  • Not in infinity years!

    Rock and metal as well as screamo is a very good influence for many reasons. Firstly, it helps reduce stress and anger and it makes people feel better about life and themselves. Not only that it also has reduced suicide rates by 80%, and you may think that's a load of crap but i have seen it and experienced it first hand. Rock metal and screamo is not satanic or evil or bad in any way. In fact this kind of music is the reason people are incredibly smart and also why people see that life is amazing. Believe it or not every rock/metal/screamo song has some meaning that's a fact to life. Go look up a song by The Amity Affliction and tell me the definition of these songs are bad in any way.

  • Quite the opposite, in fact

    A couple years ago, I listened to pop music. I got average grades, focused mostly on my social life, and was accepting, but quicker to judge. Since finding rock and screamo music and becoming a majorly obsessed fangirl for my favorite bands (Evanescence, Black Veil Brides, Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, Bring Me the Horizon, Motionless in White, and Secrets), I have changed for the better. My grades improved to straight As, I opened my mind much more, stopped all hating on certain fandoms, became a more understanding and kind person, and felt better in general. I tried harder at sports and school, started caring more about my future, and I continue to be inspired by my favorite band members every day. My average happiness level is higher because of these bands that now mean the world to me. Personally, I believe the only influence it leaves is a positive one.

  • Music does not have a negative influence on people

    Just like TV, movies and video games, music- especially genres that aren't mainstream like rock/metal/screamo etc, get blamed for influencing people to be violent. However, humans are naturally violent and always have been. The genres themselves don't give any bad influence, for the most part rock and metal don't portray bad images or influences. Most have very intelligent and complex meaning that show emotion, societal values, and other concepts, it's peoples' interpretations of the music and their own morals, or lack thereof, that cause them to act on their violent impulses, not the music.

  • Violence was around long before this music.

    Just like TV, movies and video games. They often get blamed for influencing violence but humans have always been violent.
    Long before this form of entertainment was around the Romans used to watch gladiators fight to the death for example.
    For a person to act violently based on music there is already a much deeper problem there.

  • Oh my goodness, seriously...

    There's always one in every group. NO, rock and metal doesn't give bad influences. First of all, Rock and Metal is a VERY broad definition. Rock and Metal have loads of sub-genres and different categories and styles, so saying that ALL songs and artists within that group are a bad influence is like judging something without even watching it or listening to it. I mean, you see alot of people blaming all things rap music for our problems today, yet there's still a very active underground scene that sends positive vibes and messages to people.

    Posted by: S.K
  • I believe the scientific world is split in its opinions about this.

    I've heard this question discussed a great deal, and there is always a conflict in opinions. I believe it is hard to exclude all other factors and only blame the music.
    This article is pretty interesting
    As this article suggests those who listened to metal and killed themselves often had underlying problems, the music didn't drive them to suicide.
    I won't deny that there may be a possibility that negative music might amplify suicide or other destructive behavior because the individual might identify their feelings with the music. However if that is true then it seems wrong to just focus on rock or metal, any sad song with depressing lyrics could then hypothetically be used as an identifier for the person who is suffering a bad life.
    On this same note we could then say that a well adjusted, mentally stable healthy person would feel no need to engage in destructive activities or kill themselves.
    So I think underlying factors causes the bad behavior. The music people listen to may simply be an identifier for some, nothing more.

  • I don't think so.

    Saying music like this makes people kill themselves, or commit crimes, or do drugs, or have sex is like saying video games urge people to murder. I myself listen to death metal music (I have such a wide variety, though,) and enjoy it fervently. Also. I highly dislike rap, but rap has also the same premise and attacks of being too influential on crimes, sex, drugs, etc. Music is just music. I think rap is stupid. Other people think rock/metal is stupid. To each his own. But music, although it may be emotionally influential to an extent, is just music.

    Everything a person does while listening to Bjork is his or her own actions, not Bjorks.
    Everything a person does while listening to Metallica is his or her own actions, not Metallica's.
    Everything a person does while listening to My Chemical Romance is his or her own actions, not My Chemical Romance's.

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