• Yes, Roma expulsion helps the issue of integration.I

    I think that Roma expulsion definitely helps the issue of integration. While a lot of people see the act as a form of discrimination, I think that it is a first step to helping to make sure that some Roma are able to integrate in some of the societies and nations they live

  • No, it completely negates the issue.

    The expulsion of the Roma people solves nothing. Instead, it makes a bad situation worse. It's like saying, "Here, you take them, we don't want them here". In a world that should be practicing integration, acceptance of other races, this just stands for the exact opposite. It's like the fight for civil rights all over again, just a different race is fighting for it this time.

  • No It Doesn't

    I have my doubts Roma expulsion helps when it comes to integration. I think expulsion probably leads to a lot of hard feelings among the population. I believe the scenario can be even worse when expulsion is used and no options are open to the people. I believe expulsion is the wrong way to go about integration.

  • DOes exclusion ever help integration?

    Seems that the two are in direct opposition; exile, expulsion, exclusion, segregation- these are all things that have been tried, and pretty universally agreed in retrospect to be a crap idea, carried out by those uncomfortable extending the same rights they enjoy to people that don't look like them. It would be nice to do it right, once in awhile instead.

  • It is not meant to help integration.

    Roma expulsion does not help the issue of integration. This is because it is not meant to do so. It is the opposite of integration to boot Roma out of countries. It is an issue of fiscal health and also reducing criminal behavior in countries affected by Roma populations negatively.

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