Does Ron Paul deserve the 2016 Republican nomination for president?

  • He is not owned by large corporate interests.

    He works for and is RESPECTED by the real AMERICANS. Stop political corruption. REPEAL OBAMACARE. Stop shipping our money and jobs overseas. Bring our troops home. Stop intervention in other countries. REMOVE ALL illegals, stop anchor baby law, NO MOTE tax payer funded education, healthcare and other social services to illegals. Keep Christianity, what our county was founded on. Marriage=one man, one woman!!!

  • I must add a caveat however

    He will be over 80 in 2016 so he would be seen as too old. I think his son Rand is a decent substitute or now although not as ideological he tends to side with the Constitution and speaks out where it really counts. I think Rand would make a good president and seems to have broader appeal.

  • Of course he does!

    His ideas are 100% correct and in line with genuine constitutional conservative ideals. He was written-in by me in 2008, and in 2012. Maybe the GOP would enjoy having my vote. It is there for genuine conservatives ONLY. Ron Paul is the best candidate to have run for the office in my lifetime. I am in my middle years, college educated with a home nearly paid for. I am not the teenage cellar-dwelling computer nerd pothead that globalist Rupert Murdock`s FOX news would have one believe that all Paul followers are. I have seen people from all walks of life join together for the one thing that we all have in common: the fact that we LOVE FREEDOM and despise the idea of losing it.

  • Yes, He Deserves It

    Mr. Paul is a breath of fresh air when it comes to modern politics. He is refreshingly honest about his personal and political beliefs. Ron Paul deserves to be the 2016 Republican presidential nominee, because he has stayed true to conservative values. He wants to cut spending and stop all of budget corruption in Washington.

  • Ron Paul for 2016!

    Ron Paul is one of the most honest and least hypocritical members of the United States Congress. He never shies away from telling the truth or from being straight forward about his opinions on the issues. He also supports real conservative values like cutting spending and not using our military like the world's police.

  • No, He Does Not

    Ron Paul has quite a few interesting ideas. He attracts a very loyal and dedicated following. These things alone do not make him deserving of the 2016 Republican nomination for president. A lot of his ideas are interesting because they are so wacky and out of left field. The majority of Americans do not want him to be our president.

  • No He Does Not

    Ron Paul does not deserve the Republican nomination to run for president in 2016. He ran during the last presidential run and did not win. He did not have enough supporters and many in his own party did not like some of his views and opinions. He doesn't deserve it in my opinion.

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