Does rural America have a teen pregnancy problem?

  • Yes, it does

    It is very safe to say that rural America does indeed have a problem with teen pregnancy. There are a number of neutral studies that have shown a disproportionate rate of teen pregnancy in what we consider to be rural America. This is an issue that must be dealt with.

  • Research Shows The Rates Are Higher

    All the research points to rural America having a problem with teen pregnancy. The question is how to fix it. Teens routinely get into trouble when they have nothing better to do. When you live out in the country, and you do not have the resources a city or a town provides, teens will easily get bored and do stupid things.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No, it's more situational.

    Statistics may show a higher rate of pregnancies but that would be for reported pregnancies. I would expect urban areas to offer more options for anonymity and alternatives. The availability of birth control and abortions would be higher in urban areas. Urban teens may also be more aware of their options.

  • No, only in the sense that the rates are higher.

    The rates of pregnancy may be higher because rural teens have less access to birth control or abortion than teenagers in an urban setting. If the question is simply about the rate of pregnancies in rural America, then yes, the rate is higher according to recent studies. But we could rephrase the question to ask if rural teens have adequate access to medical care for family planning and it would get a whole different view of the issue.

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