• Way too far.

    Putin is going too far with these shenanigans. It's a great idea, but it's simply going to cost way too much to implement these ideas, and it's gonna take too long. In a perfect world where problems didn't exist, this could work. But Putins Idea of saving all this data, and ESPECIALLY having companies hand over encryption keys to the Russian Federation?? Putin's ideas are nonsensical.

  • Yes, Russian surveillance goes too far.

    Yes, I agree that Russian surveillance goes too far. Russian surveillance is overbearing, and unnecessary. Although I agree that surveillance can be very useful, it can also be unethical and uncalled for. There is a fine line and Russia has crossed that line. They should back off and allow their citizens more freedom.

  • Yes it has gone too far

    Russia intercepts, stores and analyses the communication of millions of individuals. Even though the Russian President Vladimir Putin has told the National Security Agency whistleblower, Edward Snowden that Russia doesn't carry out mass surveillance, we still need to be sure that they really dont do that. Looks like they have gone too far in conducting surveillance

  • Yes, it goes to far.

    Russian surveillance is notorious for infringing on the rights of its citizens and on the rights of people from other countries. They need to scale back the amount of and the type of survailance that they do. They need to protect the rights of their people and stop violating human rights.

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