• Why wouldn't it?

    There are people of other genders out there in the world, why would segregating them for educational purposes do anything but divide people? People are people, male, female, or whatever you believe yourself to be. Dividing and separating people promotes discrimination and makes understanding and tolerance more difficult. It does nothing but harm.

  • Yes it does.

    Same-sex education, such as an all girls school or all boys school does do more harm than good. In a traditional learning environment problems rarely arise due to sex differences. However, in a school that is just girls or just boys many problems do arise. The main one is that students are not taught how to deal with the opposite sex.

  • Education is not harmful

    The idea that same sex education is somehow harmful is sort of disgusting and ignorant. Same sex education does not pollute or hurt anyone. If someone is gay, then same sex education will help explore that. Same sex education won't turn people gay or hurt them at all, it is a silly thought.

  • Same-sex education is a good thing

    For both genders, same-sex education is a plus. It puts the focus on learning and boys/girls aren't a distraction to the other sex. Girls do not get the message that boys are smarter, and their teachers are focused solely on them. Boys don't have to show-off for girls and can focus on school. It is important for both sexes to learn how to deal with each other, but that can happen after each has been exposed to a solid educational foundation and are a bit more mature and able to mix better.

  • No it does not.

    I do not think same-sex education does more harm than good. I think for the students and the parents that want this type of education it does exactly what they want. I do not think have mixed genders make a distraction exactly, but it does give the students one less thing to worry about.

  • more good than harm.

    Same-sex education does more good than harm. It gives everyone regardless of sex the same education and to learn the same things. Also, it gives males and females to ability to learn opposites sexes thought process and gives them the ability to understand how men learn and how women learn.

  • It makes no difference

    Some people benefit more from same sex education. Some people do better in a more diverse educational system. Therefore, I do not believe that same sex education does more harm than good in the overall population. Everybody is different and learns in different ways. Some benefit from same sex education and some don't.

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