• Yes, he has a chance to win some states in the midwest

    Sanders has already shown that he can win outright in states like Minnesota. In the Midwestern states that he has lost, the margins have been relatively close. If the political and social views of Minnesota voters are any indication, I feel that he will do well in the west since these values tend to remain relatively consistent across states in this region.

  • Mr. Sanders has a chance in the midwest in as much as anywhere else

    Whoever wins their chance, in any part of the United States and under any means necessary will not pay homage to the Constitution. Our founding fathers have been totally forgotten until one finds a personally-benefiting reason to involve them or our Constitution. The year, 2016, has brought embarrassment on us for all to see with this nonsense of who is running and their reasons why.

  • Sanders Does Not Have a Chance in the Midwest

    Bernie Sanders has proved popular with young voters, to the surprise and consternation of many. However, his sweep in this key demographic will not carry him in the important midwestern states. Young voters are liberal and tend to cluster around large, coastal cities. Midwestern states often have an older and more conservative population - a population that usually votes Republican, not Democratic.

  • His run is coming to an end

    Although the Midwest is the most likely place for Sanders to win, it has already been shown in states such as Iowa, Illinois and Missouri that Clinton will win. She is leading most polls now, and I think many are already giving up on Sanders. His campaign took a big hit earlier this week, and many now know that he has no chance at the nomination.

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