• If his supporters fight for it.

    18 states have voted so far, 32 states and some territories still have to vote. Also, Hillary's strongest states were in the South and they're basically done voting. As long as Bernie Sanders supporters get out, spread his message, and vote in the primaries/caucuses, I definitely think he has a change.

  • Yes, Sanders has a Chance if he wins super delegates

    In order to win the democratic primary, Bernie Sanders must do two things. First, he must improve his voter base and gain more minority votes. He must also convince important members of the Democratic Party, so called super delegates, to give him their support. Currently, Sanders is doing pretty well, yet he needs to win some of Clinton's 500 super delegates.

  • Hillary is Untrustworthy

    Hillary has flipped her stance on more than 1 subject. Bernie meanwhile has stood with the same platform for over 30 years. According to some independent polls has put Bernie slightly above Hillary in the primaries, and in the actual Presidential race, Hillary loses to almost every one else while Bernie beats them, some by double digits. At least you know what Bernie stands for. Hillary only changes to win votes.

  • Hillary Clinton's appeal is much broader.

    Politicians running for the presidency need to maximise their appeal to the broadest base possible. Sanders, like Trump from the opposite end of the political spectrum, can inspire great feeling in a small demographic while barely making an impression on the rest of the electorate. Clinton, on the other hand, is perceived as a safe, stable and moderate pair of hands and is likely to appeal to voters from almost every possible demographic.

  • Sanders will not be president

    Sanders will not be president. This is because he will not have enough delegates to make it to the convention. Hilary Clinton is very far ahead of him because she has hundreds of pledged superdelegates already. It is impossible for Sanders to get to the point she has. Hilary has so much name recognition as well.

  • No, Sanders does not stand a chance at the presidency

    No, Sanders does not stand a chance at the presidency. He has a lot of good ideas and good things to say. However, he is way to far to the left to win a general election. Socialist is still a bad word in this country, and a lot of people are unable to get over that.

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