Does Santa Hibernate Until Next Year's Winter?

Asked by: zestog3
  • The cookie thing, with like; the cookies and the storing fat for the winter... Really sold us on that one.

    Why else would he eat all of those cookies if he didn't have to. Y'all also forgot that Mrs. Clause does a lot of the work while Santa hibernates. I need to fill space to post this so: Jingle bells, Jingle bells, that's all I need. Thank's for reading. Goodbye.

  • Yes, Santa hibernates until next year's winter.

    Santa hibernates until next years winter. This is easily compared to what a bear does before hibernation. A bear goes out and consumes an insane amount of calories to fatten up and prepare for hibernation. Santa goes around the world and consumes an insane amount of cookies in order to fatten up for hibernation.

  • Well What Else Would He Do?

    Santa obviously hibernates otherwise he would just have to sit there watching the elves make stuff and would get bored and eventually commit suicide. That would cause world depression and lead to the extinction of the human race. This would not be good, I like being alive and I'm pretty sure majority of other people do as well.

  • What does he DO?

    I always wondered what Santa did after Christmas was over.

    Does he go on vacation to Florida or something? I believe he may just sleep like a bear until the next winter begins and wakes up then. That is why he is so fat-he is storing fat for the hibernation!

  • Santa shouldn't hibernate if he does

    Santa shouldn't hibernate if he does because what if a kid tells Santa in his or her head that they want something for next years Christmas!? Santa NEEDS to hear what kids want! It's very important for Santa to know what to get kids this year or whatever. Please don't hibernate if you do Santa!

  • Santa and elf labor

    Santa supports and practices the practices of elf labor. This is, clearly, slavery. Somebody needs to keep an eye on all those little "jolly" elves or there migt be a revolt. The angry elves could easily kill him if he were asleep for long periods of time. Also, sants's human, and humans can't hibernate.

  • Santa does not hibernate until next year's winter!

    There are so many children in the world. The way that I see it (and according to countless Christmas movies), after Santa returns home on Christmas day, he prepares for next year. Santa is always watching children. He has to tell the elves what toys to make for the children. Why would Santa ever hibernate? There is too much work to be done! And in regard of zestog3: Santa is so fat because he eats too many cookies! Don't you always put out cookies for Santa?

  • No he prepares for next Christmas

    Of course not! He needs lots and lots of time to get his sleigh ready and get all of the presents made and wrapped. Where would he hibernate to anyway? His workshop is in the north pole and everyone knows that his workshop is essential to Christmas! Without Santa's workshop there would be no Christmas!

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