• Not for little kids so much

    But knowing accurate history is important. St Nicholas was Turkish and not white. Its important because whitewashing him takes the culture away from that region and reduces its validity. Its also healthy for the figuea of good in kids life to be portrayed as they were so they have more to look up to then only white people.

  • Yes, it does!

    Santa has always been a holiday figure, which many know and love! You can't just say he's Black, or Asian, just so some kind of people can feel happy about being the color of a generous man. You can't change a old tale so that it can fit how a little amount of people like him. It's sort of like Jesus.

  • Children don't care, why should we?

    Santa is meant to be a figure of joy and love for children during the holiday season. Making Santa a specific race won't add or take away from the joy children experience when they see him in a mall, lay out cookies for him or open their presents on Christmas day. Children will love him regardless of his race, and that's all that matters.

  • Its almost Christmas again.

    It seems that its a tradition now to argue about the skin color of Santa Claus. To me this is silly the facts are always mixed around people assume he's white from tradition others say that because the historical Saint Saint Nicholas lived in turkey he isn't white not realizing that there where many Europeans in Turkey at the time and that his family was Greek. So he probably wasn't pale white man as usually depicted. This is a European Vision of him they made him look like Themselves in art fairly natural thing to do. So why is it a big deal we know where the historical figure came from but Santa is more he's mythical.

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