Does Sarah Silverman's "Vagina Tax" video commentary make a mockery of the wage-gap issue?

  • The video tries to thrash the wage gap that exist between male and female.

    The wage gap between male and female is around $11,000 per year in U.S. In her recent video, actress Sarah Silverman tries to mock this wage discrimination between male and female.Though, provocative on its delivery message, Silverman tries mock the same lawmakers who give gender equality speech, while doing nothing to repulse it.

  • People Need to Lighten Up!

    Sarah Silverman is a comedian. Comedians often mock current political issues in their comedy. This is what they do! The public should not take something a comedian performs to heart. I don't think her video does anything but what it is supposed- make people laugh. This is a difficult time for many Americans and everyone can use a good laugh.

  • No, it's not a mockery

    Sarah Silverman is not mocking the wage-gap issue. She is bringing much needed attention to the issue, and using her comedic talent to do so. She is a comedian after all, and is addressing the problem the best way she knows how. As someone who works in a male dominated industry, I am sure that she understand how pressing of a problem it.

  • No, humor is sometimes an appropriate avenue to for a legitimate argument.

    There are times when one can most effectively get across a point about a serious issue by using humor. Ms. Silverman is a comedian and is most effective when using comedy as a form of communication. As a woman, she has the viewpoint necessary to not only speak on the topic, but use a great skill of hers to get the point across to the audience.

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