Does 'Saturday Night Live' need more (yes) or less (no) actors?

  • More actors with more diversity, please.

    With Saturday Night live approaching 40 years on the air, it's become more of a cultural tradition and not merely late night entertainment. This means it has a duty to stay culturally relevant to its audience, and this is something that can be done by adding not just more actors, but a range of ethnically diverse actors.

  • SNL needs more well known names

    Even though Saturday Night Live has been known to be a stepping stone in a successful actor/comedian's career, I think SNL has been on a decline as of late because they really don't have many people on the show are that well-known. I feel if they get some actors who are known, it would be funnier.

  • I personally think that Saturday Night Live needs more quality actors.

    I personally think that Saturday Night Live needs more
    quality actors. I also think that they
    need to hire more funny African American actresses. Saturday Night Live used to be must-watch
    television, but I feel that it has gone downhill in the last few years. Maybe they can rebound by hiring more actors.

  • No, it needs less.

    I am pretty confused when I watch the show Saturday Night Live as to who all the actors and comics are. I think they need more so that they are easily identified and recognized. But there probably should be more diversity among this smalelr cast when it comes to Asians and blacks, especially females.

  • It needs more writers.

    No, Saturday night live does not need more actors, because the actors are not the reason that SNL has declined. People don't watch SNL as much because it isn't as funny as it used to be. Better writers would fix that, not more actors. SNL needs to rethink their comedy, not their actors.

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