• School is the opposite of creativity

    Its teaching kids to stick to the rules and do certain things to get that A+ on the test. Creativity is breaking from the norm and following your own path and unfortunately so many do not know how to do this because they were raised in public education. Its enslavement of the mind of children and forcing them to be good little workers ants for capitalism

  • School is Designed to Destroy Creativity

    School has so many negative effects on kids, Especially when it comes to creativity. Instead of school encouraging kids to be themselves and make their own version of art, It is teaching useless things and forcing kids to be like everyone else. If you are someone who speaks your mind, School wants to destroy you. You are like a painting. You want to paint you own picture, And make yourself as colorful as you want. But school wants to wipe that all away and turn you into a dull, Grey canvas. Kids are just expected to follow orders and "do good in school". LIKE ANYTHING IN SCHOOL IS ACTUALLY USEFUL. If you fail something, School likes to rub it in and make you feel terrible. Even "art" classes at school make you be like everyone else, Paint what everyone else paints. If the teacher wants to draw a koi fish, Then everyone draws a koi fish. It pains me to think about it. Kids should be encouraged to be themselves, Make their own masterpieces, And fight for what they believe in, Instead of taking away their individuality. "Knowledge will take you from point A to point B. Imagination will get you everywhere. " -Albert Einstein.

  • It's very sad

    You though I was gonna rant about my children? Ha, No! I was f***ing forced to draw butterflies in preschool same with some weird ass santa clause i never believed in! School is more like a prison, Sure you have friends but when do you last remember being allowed to choose your own thing in school? (not counting dumb old writing prompts and reading) exactly! Almost 20 years ago, The last time I remember I could choose my own thing was in 7th grade making abstract art, We could only choose the colors though and it wasn't even "abstract" it looks like some stained glass and everyone knew what it was, You almost never get to express yourself in school.

  • Yes it does.

    An ideal school should aim at instigating a creative sense in students beside many other things. I would have agreed to the fact that schools encourage creative learning if there was an ideal school. Nowadays (I am a citizen of India so I'd be talking about Indian schools) schools don't really focus on developing the child's creativity. There is very little or absolutely no way open to the child for showing his or her creative sense. They are forced to write stereotyped answers and also are forced to do many such things in which the child has no interest. So schools kill creativity.

  • Schools kill creativity

    A place established to educate a child and guide him to a better future is also responsible for a child's enslaved mind. Our life is bound to numbers and grades, Is this our worth? Creativity isnt a test to take or a skill to learn its the ability to let your imagination run freely, To make dreams come true! Instead we are bound ti the cycle of education where a student educated to become a robot, With unjust rules and customs the only real thing a student is taught us to follow orders like a robot. What does physics have to do with a person who has a career in music? Math grades don't define an athelete, Geography has no use for an artist. Why fill our brains with a burden of information when we can let it grow? Let it imagine and observe life. Be curious. Be creative. Sir ken robinson said: i belueve this passionatley that we don't grow into creativity, We griw out of it or rater we get educated out of it.

  • They were never creative.

    Some parents are just going to have to accept that their child is not creative and special. Homeschooling is not going to boost creativity because they never had any to begin with.
    I knew a kid who would doodle on his notebook and play the instrument at band practice. He went on to become a musician. I knew other person who went on to become a graphic designer who went to same school.
    School is just meant to be a general education and that you can complete the most basic of tasks. Some people are just not smart and skilled enough to go to higher levels. That is okay and they can get jobs that have a decent pay.

    I am becoming more scared of homeschooling because it is filled with egoistic people who think that they are better than everyone and know everything because they finished their easy lesson plan on time. They go do jobs and get asked questions you can see that they do not know basic things.
    Just look at the person who wrote yes. It seems all they spent their time on was just reading poems and they have a lack in a lot of subject matter. How are going to get a job by reciting poems? Or is your dad going to fix that for you because that is how it is with the home school. They already have a job waiting for them because of their Dads and connections. Why go to school when Dad already has a plan.

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