• Worried about being stressed?

    If your strongest reason for why you think school doesn't matter is because it stresses you out, then WELCOME TO REALITY. Life is essentially a series of stressful situations punctuated with a few moments of pleasant escapism. Life is stressful and if school prepares you for that then all the better for it.

  • Yes, school does matter.

    Yes, it does matter for many reasons. First, if you want a good job you have to go to school. You also, need money for food and water to survive. You will also not make not a lot of good friends to play with. For this reason school really matters.

  • Social life matters

    Of course we need education but school also provides something more that people like me need, a social life. I live out in the countryside and have practically no friends outside school and all those friends I have I've met in school. I say yes also because I think its good to work with other students. When I get a job I need to know how to work with other people and how to interact with co-workers. However, I'm undecided on whether homework is a good thing or not...

  • Really? Who would disagree?

    Education is very important, however I disagree with the topic of Homework. Considering people need education in order to live better lives. We need a future of Scientists and Engineers, not fast food workers and slaves. Education makes a better future for everyone and that should stay in mind. It is also why I think that Education should be free.

  • School does not matter

    I believe that things such as ELA and math are important. Until about 6th grade. We need to be able to count and do equations. It will help us in life. We also need to be able to read and write and have correct grammer(EH). But things like Social Studies do not matter (unless you want the most boring job in the universe). I believe that in life you will not need to know about old history and how george washington won the battle of Blah. We should be learning about todays wars and polotics. In other words the real world.

  • School itself is only a means

    I definitely agree that education is important, very very very important, like really important, (education is important) but school? Not really. School is only a means towards education, and while the most common it is not the most effective in all circumstances. Especially for young children, having a tutor or a parent teach personally is a good alternative, and independent education is actually quite effective, especially for adolescents and young adults. So school itself is not really important, but education is.

  • Do we need school?

    School is worthless and has no real meaning. School starts you having stress at a young age.
    So why do we need to start the stress when we have life to worry about. Homework also makes you worry more then it should and test " on no I got a F, what's my mom going to think" and along those lines.

  • It doesn't characterize success

    Most of the most successful people, The creative people, The people with ideas, The people with drive, Are the ones who ignore the school system. This isn't just random statistics. This is evidence that the school system, Although being a way that people get jobs, Isn't good at actually getting the next generation to success.

  • School Isn't Helping

    I honestly think that education is one of the most important things in life. Without it, We would not be as technologically advanced as we are today. But this school system is not educating. Instead, They are forcing students to swallow random information, And then put it all on a test. Look at Finland for example. They prepare kids for their future jobs, Unlike our school system where everyone is "taught" as if every student was the same person. This is why I don't think school matters.

  • School is a burden for many

    Schools have now become a center of mass education. Not even correct education, It has in fact become a source to pressurize the young students. School doesn't believe in aptitude skills and in practical knowledge of a child. Some reformations are to be brought to the education system of our country

  • School doesn't matter

    People are scared to go to school because of all the school shootings. We don't need math, science, language arts, and all of that what we need is just to learn about what's going on in this world and about politics and stuff like that. So yes school is very worthless.

  • School is a means

    I think that for some people school is necessary for some who need facts shoved in their faces to learn but for the most part kids can get along fine just by reading and things. I think that there should be a test to get into college but no mandatory schooling.

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