• Worried about being stressed?

    If your strongest reason for why you think school doesn't matter is because it stresses you out, then WELCOME TO REALITY. Life is essentially a series of stressful situations punctuated with a few moments of pleasant escapism. Life is stressful and if school prepares you for that then all the better for it.

  • f**k homes 🏡

    Man dude come I love my school more than my home why here’s the reason why my teachers respect me I have lots of friends and I always listen to my teachers and of course I try my best in school ok so yeah my final answer is yes bye

  • School does matter

    You might think what's the point of school you can learn at home. Well actually it helps you be matter and develop at such a young age. It helps you treat everyone equally such as trans gender or anyone part of the LGBTQ+. The subjects such as math help you be someone in life. Would you rather work somewhere were you don't et paid as much as a dentist. Yes school is important and even your counterclaim can't fight the actual truth.

  • Yes, school does matter.

    Yes, it does matter for many reasons. First, if you want a good job you have to go to school. You also, need money for food and water to survive. You will also not make not a lot of good friends to play with. For this reason school really matters.

  • Social life matters

    Of course we need education but school also provides something more that people like me need, a social life. I live out in the countryside and have practically no friends outside school and all those friends I have I've met in school. I say yes also because I think its good to work with other students. When I get a job I need to know how to work with other people and how to interact with co-workers. However, I'm undecided on whether homework is a good thing or not...

  • Really? Who would disagree?

    Education is very important, however I disagree with the topic of Homework. Considering people need education in order to live better lives. We need a future of Scientists and Engineers, not fast food workers and slaves. Education makes a better future for everyone and that should stay in mind. It is also why I think that Education should be free.

  • We as students should decide what we want to learn

    The school systems teach a bunch of stuff that we will never use in life, Ever. So we should be able to pick and choose what we want from a young age so that we'll be prepared for our individual life. Not every kid wants the same things in life so why teach them the same things. Especially is those things are useless.

  • You don't learn any skills.

    Why do I even need to waste my time in high school and college to learn coding and programming while I could just learn it right now! Or if my first plan failed I'm just gonna be a hunter and at least I could spend my time outside, Also could learn some skills like marksmanship and bushcraft.

  • School teaches you what you are not even gonna use for your career!


  • You don't need a degree to show intellect

    It's 2020 and people still think that you need a degree to have a successful life. That's completely false. People fail to understand the difference between education and intelligence. School doesn't teach anything useful or valuable in life. I agree that basic mathematics, Spelling and grammar are essential for everybody. However, Reading Shakespeare and novels that nobody enjoys reading is very frustrating. I can tell that nowadays, Students fail to answer questions that require common sense or little to no education whatsoever. Instead of learning, Students care more about a letter than learning because school is just a test to see who has the best memorization, Not who understands the subject and can remember it for a while.

  • School is pointless

    The education system is just a vicious cycle of memorising useless facts and writing them all down on paper in the exam. Studies have shown that students forget almost all of the course material around 3 days after the exam. The curriculum is by far the the most useless set of facts that will never help you in life or get a job. If you still aren't convinced, Tell me the equation for lithium oxide, Go on, Right now without googling it. Yes, I know and you know that you don't know it, So why bother learning it?

  • It doesn't matter completely

    School is only important cuz it teaches us how to read write and do basic maths but I don't think learning history, Complicated maths, And difficult science is necessary for each child's future unless they want to pursue some career related to those. I've allways been stressed cuz of school with all the quizes and tests that won't really matter in the future. School should be taching kids stuff that matters in the future they should prepare children for the future like teching them how to get a job or something.

  • Learning isn't meant to be judge by letters and numbers its meant to teach.

    If they want us to learn we shouldn't be focused on if our grade will be an 'A' we should focus on the information. If they want to give so much homework and projects then teach us time management to handle all of the work, A strict curriculum isn't how to bring out knowledge from young minds.

  • Do not get stressed in school

    Your employer doesn't give a crap that you went to harvard. So high schoolers don't be stressed about your grades because it's not about what you know but how you use what you know (and you usually don't have to know much. Would you rather be a nerd with perfect grades who only knows how to go by the book or would you want to be a leader with the best leadership skill, Creativity
    Patch Dixie

  • School won't help me much

    Some people say that good grades in middle and high school contribute to your college. That may be true but does your college matter? What matters is how you work on yourself to be the best at your profession.
    If someone who went to a community college could do better at a job then someone who went to harvard I wouldn't care about their school I would see how well they preform with the job and make a decision.

  • School does not matter

    School in it's own right is successful, Successful in many things like raising teen suicide and depression but also successful in raising generations of conformity and mindlessness. School does little more than this and it is due to the way it is structured. By having these attendance and grade point requirements we begin to see just how much it affects kids lives. Children have incredibly flexible minds and often will outperform our tests but the results say otherwise. This is because our only true goal is to study facts and not understand any of how it works. High school math for example does not attempt to explain the necessity of the skill and certainly does not teach the creativity required in our current study of the subject. And calculus only matters to a few limited professions. School does not teach how to do a job it only serves to babysit our teenagers and keep them from illicit activities.

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