• Yes, but not well.

    I think perhaps most importantly it teaches people how to ignore the buffoons who insist on living and passing on their clearly inferior genes.

    Ok, casting aside the sardonicism, I really do think that school helps prepare students for jobs, however I don't think that they are doing it in the way they intended to. The part about school that is most beneficial is really the logistical and hierarchical knowledge that is imparted. You really get to know how things are done when budgets are short and deadlines are even shorter. People get angry, management is incompetent, and everyone is paid less than they really deserve. The social aspect of school is fairly important too. I doubt that without my social experiences, or lack of, in school that I would be where I am today. It's a breath of fresh air knowing that you are an individual in this sea of superficial consciousness.

    I will agree that they have tried to make robots out of us, but what else can they really do? They just don't have the brain power to do otherwise. Do we really need innovative thinkers in the workplace? Isn't most work just drone work anyway? Leave the good jobs for people like us. I'm not complaining if there is less competition for me.

    If there was anything I learned in high school that I value the most it's that you have to put your passions first. If not, you end up a sad, old, washed-out, and bitter old teacher. Work to Live not Live to Work.

  • It depends on what type of job

    Every one needs to be able to read write and count. But not all school work is necessary. Some jobs only require some level of schooling . For example a contractor needs to be able to READ the instructions given for a project and use MATH to calculate the exact measurements . People may not know it but they use these three important subjects more each day. I think there should be secondary schools for younger students ranging from 6th and up that target their profession/job skill needed.

  • They somewhat do.

    Schools are supposed to be there to educate us well enough for our futures. They do prepare us for jobs. You may not know it, but they are training us to make the best of our lives and helping us to secure a good and bright future.
    For example:
    Accountants- maths
    Teachers- all the subjects
    Athlete- PE and extra-curricular sports
    Designer- Design and Technology
    CEO of a corporation- Commerce
    Interpreter/Translator- languages
    So, whatever you may think, schools are actually training and preparing us for our futures and careers.

  • Not everything does

    There are certain things like maths that you need to learn. But then you could have a calculator as-well. Whats the point of history? To teach people about the past when will that ever come up in your job. Science? ... Should be optional for students that want to be a scientists. But others don't so why should we have to learn it. My teacher is convinced that she should only teach what will make a difference in life. The only time she dosent is when she has to.

  • I think not.

    If anything, I think school prepares our young people to fit right into a military position. You may be able to go as far as saying that the public school system is a stepping stone to the military, or even the exciting prospect of a fast-food job! The public school system does NOT prepare children for any type of job that requires critical thinking or creativity, but instead teaches our youngsters to memorize and recite "facts" that are questionable and sometimes outright false (think of history class).

  • No, not at all.

    When a student leaves school, all they know is useless trivia. They might know all the ten commandements, and exactly what date William the Conqueror invaded England. That's nice, but now what? They don't know:
    -What taxes are
    -How to pay them
    -Steps to purchasing a house or getting a job

    In fact, they know nothing about the government a priori.

  • Public School System is failing our children

    As a recent college graduate (2011) I was shocked to realize how woefully unprepared my generation as a whole was for the real world. I went to a nationally ranked private college Where the average HS GPA was 3.3 and ACT score of 26. So I went to school with "some of the best of the best" they told us. When I graduated I noticed that not only myself but my classmates weren't properly educated on so many levels. We could recite Hamlet's entire soliloquy, I knew countless World War 2 facts but I didn't really understand credit card debt, Subprime loans, or mortgage rates. Luckily I was a business major or I would have been just as in the dark. My best friend went on to attend Georgetown Law and made the deans list but I am teaching him these basic functions of life. In these economic times personal finance and money management should be separate classes taught for 4 years in HIGH SCHOOL and should be a requirement of graduating High School. I applaud the 14 states where this is the case already.

  • No it doesn't

    School teaches a variety of life skills such as reading, writing, maths, science and history but it is not meant to be on the job training. It would be simply impossible to teach all the things necessary to survive in the many different jobs that there are out there in school.

  • Over half the stuff we learn is pointless.

    If it corresponds to your job (if you're a scientist, Historian, Teacher, Writer, Professional calculator, Etc. ) then GOOD FOR YOU. But what about the jobs that don't relate directly to the main courses? And yeah, I know that when you get older you can take courses specifically for your passions or what you want your job to be, But what about before then? Sorry, But as I said, Over half the stuff we learn is pointless. So why do we learn it?

  • I believe schools should put more effort to prepare students for their future career of choice as they do in preparing us for college.

    As a 10th grader i have this subject only come up at least three times since I started high school. I always hear about how schools are trying to prepare us for college, but have never once heard how school is helping us prepare for our future career. K k

  • School education barely helps

    I said no because lots of people lose there jobs because they don't have a good education. I said because that if education was better people most likely wouldn't work at places like burger king, McDonald and dairy queen but the reason people work at places like those is that the cant get a good job because of poor or even no education.

  • Absolutely frickin not.

    You know how the principles and the teachers are saying that the work i'm doing now is gonna prepare for the future. I will and always will call BS on that statement cuz school doesn't teach about the most important stuff to get by in life like how to balance a checkbook, or how to manage a bank account, or getting a loan, or paying your bills, or most importantly how to pay taxes because if you don't know how to pay your taxes then you can't be able to do them when your an adult, and if don't do your taxes the IRS has the power and the right to seize your home and business, and if that happens you'll be spending the rest of your life homeless, jobless, and starving and thats my opinion about school education and it will never change no matter what the teachers, paras, or even the principle says, my opinion will never ever change, it will always stay the stay the same no matter what ANYBODY says.

  • No it does not

    School is just there so that you waste your time and then start your life. You go to school till you become an adult and then they set you free, you're only there to grow up. They teach you things you might need to know and things that you would never come across again. School doesn't really prepare you. They teach you the little things, but what they don't teach you is what you need for survival. Makes no sense.

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