Does school safety conflict with parental rights?

  • Yes it actually conflicts with student rights.

    While I am not a parent. I can only imagine what it's like to drop their young child off at school. With all the violence that has happened over the last decade on places that one would think is off limits to this type of hate. We now know there is no place safe. In result, because our society chooses to be dictated by bullies. We are forced with very few choices. Arming everyone, arming teachers, having armed security guards, or have our schools work like high maximum security prisons. What a sad state of affairs! We choose to allow our most vulnerable to have to put up with this instead of just passing common sense gun laws. Maybe one day we will teach our children not to be like us.

  • No, not usually.

    Schools are set up to do drills for emergencies as often as possible. I believe when I was in school it was about one fire drill every two weeks to a month, with the occasional lock down drill. The school safety system do the best they can with the resources provided to them.

  • No, not completely.

    I am actually sitting on the fence for this one. Although I believe that we are entrusting our children's safety to school officials, I do believe that they could be more proactive about some concerns given recent events. When it comes to bullying, I entrust the school officials to do what is right in punishing those who victimize other students. On the other hand, I believe that every school should have armed security. In the Sandy Hook case, I believe if an armed security person had been present, the tragedy that the community faced could have been prevented. No parent should have to bury their child, especially when the situation could have been prevented but it wasn't due to the negligence of school officials.

  • School safety does not conflict with parental rights.

    When we drop our children off at school, we are intrusting them to the teachers, principals, bus drivers, etc. I think we should put more trust in the school system and allow them to protect our children. They are not trying to take away our rights as parents, but when they have our children for six hours a day, they become the "parent."

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