• School its suck

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  • Homework, No creativity, No fun

    We go to school practically all day yet we get pointless homework yet we work in classes almost all day. And now its just work and grades and stuff that is considered creative is not. The "fun" stuff is supposed to be fun but it is boring. Schools need to brighten stuff up a bit.

  • Homework makes school suck

    I am fine with school as lonng as there is no homework. Homework is unnessary because you go to school for 8 hours a day but they still decide to give you homework and alot of the time the student needs help with kit but there at home its stupid

  • They dont do anything fun/relaxing!!!!!

    Sometimes, when i do my work i feel like school is training us like ROBOTS. We all do the same thing, same uniform, same work on the odd chance we do, do something "fun" its VERY BORING. School needs to do stuff like extra break or MORE time at lunch to interact with our friends ive got 30 minutes for lunch which is about enough to walk there eat and walk back.

  • There is no more creativity in the classroom.

    Today's education system is completely flawed. The majority of our learning consists of memorizing pointless information that may not be of any use to us in the future. There is so much more to learning than memorizing facts and statements that will be forgotten by the student in a day. Also, there is no longer any creativity in the classroom. The only subjects that you can truly express your individuality are Art, Drama and Music.
    Nowadays, all that matters is getting good grades and tests, tests and more tests.
    I think that teachers are actually unable to teach a class of five or more pupils, otherwise the students won't be getting enough attention on the subjects that they're interested in. Therefore, teachers should teach five or less students. Lessons should be chosen by the students, since it's their future and their learning. They should be able to manage their own time.
    In Sudbury schools, students are responsible for their own learning. They learn whatever they think they might need and at their own pace. There are no stressful exams and no homework. There is freedom.
    Unfortunately, there aren't many Sudbury schools around the world. But I believe this is how education should work.

  • It covers unnecessary stuff, and leaves necessary stuff

    School today does suck. Stressing us out with homework for useless information does no good, and stress has been proven to shorten lifespans. I mean, do I REALLY need to know how to solve for x when I'm loading shelves at walmart? No. What we REALLY need to know is how to handle money, how to behave when we get to the workforce, and what to do in emergency situations. We don't need to know how to divide fractions or how photosynthesis works, unless you plan to be a mathematician or a scientist that plans on studying plants. I will continue to say that school does suck until they start teaching us what is actually NECESSARY and not to force us to study useless information.

  • If you're referring to the American education system, then yes.

    Schools take creativity away from students; they are eventually led to believe that the textbook is right and that the best way to succeed in school is to learn from the textbook. How does this empower students to be capable, innovative thinkers in the 21st century? How does the American education system even prepare kids for higher education? It doesn't; instead of letting students develop their interests, the American education system forces every student through a journey that strips them of their identity.

  • Homework just plain...

    Sucks. It just supports the facts that teachers looooove making you do more work than you already do at school. School is not necessary. When am i going to use my knowledge of a ducks reproductive organs at some point in my life? Or the water cycle, I. DO. NOT. GIVE. TWO. SHITS. Im also excited when for when im going to need to know the square root of 453875634785623876 in my life when im drawing a picture or writing a book.

  • I Never Knew Getting the Qualifications to get a Job Sucks

    School is the process of getting an education and ultimately the qualifications required in order for you to get job. Nothing sucks about that. What sucks more is lazing around in school and ending up without any qualifications and therefore not getting a good job. School is valuable time and while it may feel long and boring in the meantime it will be very rewarding.

  • It's a non-contextual statement

    Simply saying that, "school sucks," is a very basic and non-substantive opinion with no context provided as to why. Many of the things an individual may consider boring, useless, or irrelevant are not meant to be used in daily life for the person with those feelings towards a subject. They are meant to peak interest in those that do find those things interesting. Saying that schools need reform or that the education system needs to be reviewed seems perfectly reasonable provided you can provide examples of issues and how to actually go about solving said issues. If you simply say that "school sucks," you really just come across as a naive child. Why complain about a relatively short period in your life in which your cognitive abilities aren't even fully developed vs your adult life in which you can choose to learn anything you want. Without a school system in place, where do you propose to develop social skills or find out what interests you? The advent of the internet may provide new answers that you will want to use as counter examples but remember that there was a time, not long ago, when the internet wasn't an option.

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