Does science actually support the theory of macroevolution?

Asked by: jewelessien
  • Dinosaurs Evolved to Birds

    Macroevolution is supported by science in that dinosaurs, as a whole, evolved into birds at roughly the same time. Microevolution states different species of dinosaurs because different species of feathered birds, yet this evolutionary process occurred at the same time with all dinosaurs. The same can be said of humans--apes turned into different human species at roughly the same time, it's just that there were different hominid species such as Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and more.

  • Science Supports Evolution

    Yes, Science supports the Theory of Evolution. In Science, there is something called Peer Review. Every major paper and study on the Theory of Evolution has survived Peer Review to the point that there is what's called Consensus in the Scientific community. Consensus is the notion that the Scientific community generally agrees on something, therefore Science does support the Theory of Evolution.

  • Macroevolution is like believing in Peter Pan.

    It's not testable, it lack sufficient or consistent intermediary evidences for any of the know 60 million species. It's not repeatable under testing. It's mired in assumptions, fabrications, speculations versus true sound science. It's poor hypothesizing at best. It is not currently sound scientific theory- is extremist claiming it is sound scientific theory under the umbrella of Microevolution which is sound scientific theory...

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